Jack White Gets Restraining Order From Ex-Wife

Karen Elson has been tussling for months with White over parenting rights.

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Jack White's ex-wife, Karen Elson, has been granted a restraining order against the rocker following a series of harassment allegations, Hennemusic reports.

Nashville City Paper reports Elson, who cares for the pair's two children, has been tussling for months with White over parenting rights. White wants to help raise the children, although Elson maintains that White is not fit to be a parent.

According to the restraining order affidavit, White has a violent temper and a tendency of sending harassing emails and text messages.

"Wife fears for her and the children's safety as a result of this harassment," the order reads, describing how White contacted his ex-wife's paralegal "in an inappropriate and aggressive manner."

White was served the restraining order on July 22; he is barred from having "any contact with wife whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children." White is only allowed to communicate with Elson over email.

The couple have a hearing on August 29 over the custody dispute.

After a successful tour behind his debut solo album, "Blunderbuss," White is working on new music for his next record.

The former White Stripe has been recording new material with the Buzzards and the Peacocks, his separate male and female bands, respectively.

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    A restraining order, pfft a seven nation army couldnt hold him back.
    Well ofc I dont know him but... in Great Northern Lights and It Might Get Loud he does seem to have short temper, control maniac and overall eccentric-wacko type. Still, if that helps him produce awesome music, Im all for him beating his ex-wife.
    UG should leave this shit for the tabloids. Apart from the last two lines, this has nothing to do with music. I come to this site for music news, not gossip and celebrity misfortune.
    In all fairness, you DID still come onto this article
    Fair enough. But, I did come to the article hoping for actual music news, which UG always adds something about what a given artist is currently working on. And, they did. But, I was hoping for a new Karen Elson album.
    Why Karen, does this mean we're not friends anymore? You know Karen, if I thought you weren't my friend... I just don't think I could bear it. From Wiki: "They announced their divorce in June 2011 but they have remained close friends with Karen providing vocals on Jack White's first solo record."
    Jack did production on her solo album as well. They had a divorce party, how the hell can you throw a divorce party and not be absolute bros for ever, even with her being a chick.
    For ****'s sake, it's only fair for a father to see his children whenever he damn wants as long as he's not hurting them in any way. I bet he pays for most of their things.
    The woman just wants to collect that child support check and not have to deal with him. With the amount of money he makes I bet she lives quite comfortably.
    Karen Elson is pretty succesful on her right, I dont think the money is problem here. More like power struggle.
    Shit, and I just watched "It might get loud last night". Lol when he made is kid step on his guitar and when he put him in the suitcase in the end wtf.
    To be perfectly honest I think the restraining order is just to get her more strength is the custody battle. Imagine the extra swing she can have by stating that a court was given sufficient evidence to not allow him near her.
    Admiral Petty
    This is a sad story, however I find it interesting how quick people are to pick sides. I love Jack White's music more than the average music fan, but great music doesn't measure someone's true character. If one looks at the history of genius artists in general, not just musicians, they tend to have fractured and difficult personal lives. I'm not picking sides, heck, Kaeren Elson is quite famous in England as well after all(and subsequently probably has ego and power issues as well). I just think it is a little hasty to pick sides based on celebrity or artistic output.
    He doesn't seem like the kind of person to be "aggressive and inappropriate", but okay.
    Damn, really? Look at the guy. He looks cracked out, and he always has.
    He's just a bit pale. He's always seemed very healthy in body and mind from everything that I've seen, however. Do you have any explanation for this conclusion?
    Jack has always had a short fuse. Maybe it's from growing up in Detroit, but he seems to have the exact opposite of emotions with the music he writes.
    Divorce can get ugly. Divorce with custody issues can get real ugly. Only 2 people really know what's happening and neither are posting on UG!
    Things get messy in divorce and custody battles. People say and do things that they regret later.....on both sides. For now only the two of them know what's really going on and what is true and what is not.
    apparently part of it is Jack not wanting their kid to be in the same class as Dan Auerbach's kid.