Jack White Joined by the Dead Weather as He Plays Three-Hour Homecoming Gig

The singer played at Detroit's Masonic Temple venue he saved from closure last year.

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Jack White played a three-hour, 38-song set earlier this week at the Detroit venue he saved from foreclosure last year.

As NME reports, White took to the stage in his hometown at the Masonic Temple, the venue he saved after paying off its reported $142,000 in back taxes so it could stay open. The venue then renamed its 1,586-capacity Cathedral Theater as the Jack White Theater to honour the singer.

On Wednesday night, White returned to the venue to perform a 38-song set that included his own solo material as well as songs from the White Stripes, the Dead Weather – on which he was joined by bandmates Alison Mosshart and Dean Fertita – and a brief cover of Led Zeppelin's "Lemon Song" during an airing of "Ball and Biscuit." He also played a cover of Beck's "Devil's Haircut." Check out fan footage of the gig below.

Earlier this week, Jack White marked his return to Detroit by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a Detroit Tigers baseball match on Tuesday (July 29). White stepped out in front of fans prior to the game against Chicago White Sox at the Tigers' Comerica Park, throwing the ball straight to his opposite number who was, incongruously, dressed as Santa Claus.

Jack White played:

01. Fell in Love With a Girl
02. Astro
03. The Big Three Killed My Baby
04. High Ball Stepper
05. Lazaretto
06. Missing Pieces
07. Just One Drink
08. Hotel Yorba
09. You Know That I Know
10. Love Interruption
11. Weep Themselves to Sleep
12. I Cut Like A Buffalo
13. Cannon
14. Icky Thump
15. Screwdriver
16. Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams cover)
17. Apple Blossom
18. Three Women
19. The Same Boy You've Always Known
20. We're Going to Be Friends
21. Sugar Never Tasted So Good
22. Entitlement
23. Alone in My Home
24. Steady, as She Goes
25. Ball and Biscuit' / Got My Mojo Working (Muddy Waters cover) / The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
26. The Hardest Button to Button
27. Sixteen Saltines / Devil's Haircut (Beck cover)
28. Hypocritical Kiss
29. That Black Bat Licorice?'
30. Would You Fight for My Love?
31. Blue Blood Blues
32. You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)
33. My Doorbell34. I Fought Piranhas35. Seven Nation Army

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    "Check out fan footage of the gig below" *Scrolls down, no link or anything to video footage* Oh UG....
    Dude is awesome. Who else would play three ****ing hours nowadays?
    Sleeping in
    Pearl Jam do every time, sometimes longer. Amidst all the hate, Jack White is one hell of a musician and deserves more love than he gets.
    Hate? Sure there's a few people who don't like him, but they are far outweighed by those who love him. He's a legend.
    lol yeah exactly. Of all the concerts I've attended Pearl Jam definitely put on the longest sets & are hands down the most consistent band out there today. Whereas some bands are hit or miss, Pearl Jam are ALWAYS on.
    I heard he was upset with the response he was receiving from the crowd, walked off the stage after only playing 38 songs!
    So is White a member of the Craft then??
    He donated money to pay the theater's bills when they were in rough times, and they named the theater in the Masonic Temple "Jack White Theater," so that's probably it, along with that its his hometown.
    what bothers me is...why he's still using his ex-wife's last name... it's hard for me, a MAN, getting used to the idea that some queermo males take their women's last names(low self-esteem girly-men?), but to continue with it after their marriage has ended is psychologically troubling...hell, he even held his ex-wife's next marriage in his backyard...get over it guy. must be a creep who likes to fondle little boys who were "impressed" by his "geetar-playing" after his gigs lol....maybe that's why she left him, i mean cmon, the guy looks like an emo closet homo-pedo...lol.