Jack White: 'Meg Was Uninterested In White Stripes'

Jack said it was hard to share the good moments with former bandmate and wife Meg White because she seemed "uninterested".

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Jack White says his former bandmate and wife Meg White was "uninterested" the the White Stripes.

The band officially split in February 2011, but Jack says Meg never shared his enthusiasm during the peak of their popularity since releasing "White Blood Cells" in 2001.

"It was impossible to share the good moments with Meg because she was very uninterested," Jack told Esquire (via NME).

"We would record a White Stripes song in the studio and it would be me, Meg and an engineer. So we would finish a mix of a song and I'd say, 'Wow! That's pretty good!' I'd look around and Meg would just be sitting there, and the engineer would just be sitting there.

"It'd be sorta like, 'OK... Let's just move on to the next one.' It was just me by myself. But it was the best thing for me. It taught me a lot about trusting my gut."

But Jack doesn't mean to knock Meg down, and said there's a lot of great things about her that the world will never see.

"There's beautiful moments that no one will ever know about," he said. "It's whether I'm going to tell you, because Meg's never going to tell you. There's a sadness to that, a romance."

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    Okay I don't know about the recording in the studio but she ain't uninterested in this one
    most powerful performance I've seen of this song + the ending with party of special things to do is awesome too
    Perhaps she preferred to simply play than compose. That whole BBC show of Get Behind Me Satan is the best of the best of The White Stripes though-- much better than the album versions imo. That entire doc epitomizes them; it shows both Jack and Meg at their best. And I'll never get to see them live!!!!! >.
    goes to show what jack can do with a crappy drummer and a plastic guitar
    Well Jack did all the interesting stuff in the songs.
    From the sound of things, it basically feels like ALL of the white stripes albums are basically Jack White solo records... Her drumming isn't very good, but that was the point from the beginning.
    i imagine, jack writing all the songs and showing her how to drum..... then he is like "thats incredible"..... i kinda see why she was uniterested, but thats just my theory
    Yeah I can't think that she was really doing anything at all in the writing process, or even coming up with her own parts. Lets not forget Jack was originally a drummer before he even picked up guitar or started singing. He was essentially just using her for image, and to create a framework for him to work within.
    I don't think it's that she's a terrible drummer. But the drum parts in the White Stripes are boring at best. Maybe if he let her be a drummer or encouraged creativity outside of odd guitar sounds, she'd be happier.
    freaking love meg. Simple beats but fit the songs so well. I think many drummers could learn from her.
    link no1
    Metallica has simple beats that fit the songs, it doesn't change the fact that Lars is a shoddy drummer.
    I know that he wanted her to play simply on purpose and I could really easily see how she could be uninterested that way. She probably felt held back by it. Still my favorite band of all time though.
    I think it'd be fantastic if she were to get into a band where she busted out insane drum chops, and blew everyone's minds.
    Mike Quall
    maybe she prefers red stripes, violet stripes, or even green stripes. I can see how white ones would get old after awhile.
    But Jack doesn't mean to knock Meg down, and said there's a lot of great things about her that the world will never see. Some say she has drums skills so good that anyone who sees them will self combust.
    UG articles are often full of spelling errors. This one included: "former bandmate and wife Meg White was "uninterested" the the White Stripes".
    95% of the time i can just re- word things in my head and move on. but holly crudd, thats like first grader mistakes right there. it's not even proper english!
    The fact that she seems like an uninteresting and boring person. I'm baseing my statement from interviews and documentaries that I have seen her in. Nice icon btw, I'm a big fan of A Perfect Circle. :
    I always felt meh about this band... good to see half the band agrees with me.
    The White Stripes have always been about Jack White having to work in a very minimalistic way, from the fact that Meg was a very basic drummer, to the line-up of only 2 people performing all those songs. That band was about Jack getting the most possible out of something very minimalistic. The whole story just fits right in. It's okay!
    If i played drums in the white stripes i'd be pretty damn disinterested too
    Maybe that's because the White Stripes were uninteresting.
    yeah, maybe she rightfully thought seven nation army was the most childish, crapy bass line ever
    It's not a bass line.
    I dont care taht it was played with a guitar, that's a detail, it's still a bass line frequencie wise, and even if it was made with a guitar, a keyboard, or a triangle, it's still immature, just try to play it on a piano for example to realise how stupid it is
    "...and even if it was made with a guitar, a keyboard, or a triangle, it's still immature , just try to play it on a piano for example to realise how stupid it is. " What the hell are you talking about?
    can't you read? play the line on a piano, it will sound dull and lame, without distortion, production, drums and everything only the essence of a composition shines through, and a I can assure you that nothing shines through that line
    Carl Hungus
    It must annoy to know that the song you are referring to was incredibly popular and made "The White Stripes" millions of dollars. Your comments are no less immature than the music you claim to criticize.
    "play the line on a piano, it will sound dull and lame, without distortion, production, drums and everything." That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard a twat say on UG. If it's not your thing that's fine, but to imply that it sucks and that it's "immature" is idiotic. It's a catchy, simple riff that serves its purpose. It's purpose is to work as a hook. The band got huge because of this. "It sounds dull and lame without distortion". And Kool-aid without sugar isn't sweet. That's why you add sugar.
    immature? does it draw penises on foggy windows and laugh at fart noises? i think the word you're looking for is 'simple' and they've never claimed to be anything but. jack white is very big on simplicity and minimalism and i understand its not everyone's cup of tea but it doesn't make his music "crapy"
    You were making sense until you called it "immature". Poor choice of words, my friend.
    Vicryl 2.0
    but it was effective. thats what made seven nation army memorable...
    another one bites the dust was effective and cool/groovy, Money was effective and groovy, seven nation army is ONLY effective, like a ringtone
    Seven Nation Army isn't the only song the White Stripes ever wrote dumbass..... I swear for being a guitar site some people on here are extremely ignorant.....
    just leave the Mouloudo guy be. He's entitled to his opinion. He's apparently a minority, so who cares. Enough people that like the "bass line".
    does anyone really care about the white stripes???? really???? jack white is an amazing talent(songwriter, producer, etc), meg white can't even be classified as a musician - she should go away for good and he should produce another cool record.
    maybe that's because meg and jack were in a divorce at the time? just sayin.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they were divorced before they even formed the White Stripes. Thats what made their partnership in the band pretty odd even from the beginning, especially since they started claiming to be siblings
    They formed the band in 1997.. Recorded their first two albums as a married couple in 1999 and 2000. They divorced in 2000, and released their third album in 2001. Your dates don't line up, but it does make sense that she lost interest for the third album, "White Blood Cells" by 2001.
    She seems that she would be a horrible lay also. I bet the dude would do all the work and when the deed is done she would just go "meh."
    And exactly which corner of your arsehole did you pull that presumptious statement from?
    Jack White: Meg has decided she no longer wants to earn a lot of money for playing incredibly simple drum beats while I do all the song writing and work... WTF?
    maybe she wanted to actually do something
    What, bang out simple beats for someone else? I have a feeling if she was a better drummer technically we'd have seen some of it in the White Stripes. FWIW, I liked the Stripes...
    Maybe cus she was a horrible drummer in a shitty band