Jack White Releases New Track 'Freedom At 21' Via Helium Balloons?

Jack White has released a new track from his forthcoming debut solo album "Blunderbuss" by the method of helium balloon.

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Jack White has released a new track from his forthcoming debut solo album "Blunderbuss" by the method of helium balloon.

The singer's Third Man Records label released a YouTube clip showing staff at the label's Nashville headquarters releasing 1,000 flexi-disc records tied to the balloons yesterday (April 1) - scroll down and click to watch the "new distribution method" in action.

The balloons were accompanied by custom postcards with instructions for the finder to submit photos and notify the label of where they discovered the disc. According to a statement by the label, "approximately 10%" of the records have already been found.

"Freedom At 21" is the third track on "Blunderbuss", which is due to be released on April 23. Speaking to NME in a world exclusive interview last month, the singer/guitarist said that he had wanted to make sure he had ended his former band The White Stripes before he began performing and recording under the name Jack White.

He explained that there was "absolutely no chance" he would ever reform the duo, which also featured his ex-wife Meg White, adding that he would only consider it if he "went bankrupt".

White said:

"I'm not the kind of person that would retire from baseball and come out of retirement the next year. I mean, if we went to all the trouble of telling people we're done, we meant it you know?"

He is due to play his debut UK solo gigs in June, starting with a date at London's O2 Academy Brixton on June 21. A gig at the capital's HMV Hammersmith Apollo is scheduled for the following night (22), with a slot at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend (23-24) also pencilled in.

White has already put in an appearance in London to promote the album, making a surprise appearance at a playback session in the Debating Chamber at the city's County Hall last month.

Although he did perform, White was quizzed by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Christiana Valcarcel, who told him he should "proud" of himself.

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    Comeback Kiddd wrote: Next thing you know he'll distribute songs via his penis
    I don't think that's the next step. There are probably a few other methods in between helium balloon and penis.
    wait. so they tied records to some helium balloons and just let them go and people are suppose to go find them? wouldn't the balloons pop at some point and send the records crashing down?
    link no1
    Grohlism wrote: "April 1st". An April fool then?
    It's not April 1st anymore, or when this was posted...UG's April fool's was saying Metallica split up. Anyway, I'm pretty sure some band has already done this, just a band I don't care about so I don't remember the name.
    Lol Natures
    Maybe he'll drive around town and throw cds at people on the sidewalk, or launch them out of a cannon.