Jack White Reveals That Kanye West Asked Him to Guest on 'Yeezus'

But rapper never followed-up on his offer, says singer.

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Jack White has revealed that Kanye West asked him to guest on his album "Yeezus."

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the former White Stripes frontman reveals (via NME) that the rapper sounded him out about a possible collaboration but that he never followed up his initial interest.

Despite the collaboration failing to materialise, White praised West's live shows for "Yeezus" and said he had been blown away by the hip-hop star in concert. "That might have been the greatest show I've seen in my life," he said. "It was more punk, more in-your-face than anything I've seen." White also confirmed that he had worked on tracks with Jay Z which was never released and stated: "I'm not sure he liked them."

Last week, White unveiled a new song titled "Just One Drink." The track comes from the singer's new album, "Lazaretto," which comes out on June 9 and also features the previously released "High Ball Stepper" and the album's title track.

A special vinyl "Ultra" version of "Lazaretto" will be available. The 180 gram release will feature two vinyl-only hidden tracks, which will be situated under the labels on the record, with one playing at 78 rpm and one at 45 rpm, making the release a three-speed album. The mix of the album will also be different from the digital and CD release and have a different running order.

Jack White will appear at London's Eventim Apollo on July 5. This is White's second scheduled appearance in the UK this summer, and will come after he plays Glastonbury festival's Pyramid Stage in June.

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    I love my girlfriend as much as Kanye loves Kanye.
    That is impossible. Kanye's love for Kanye is a force stronger than gravity.
    the force of gravity is pretty weak actually
    "Jump off a bridge and then try saying that, prick! With love, Gravity"
    Well you can make it up the building without being glued to the ground. Probably wouldn't be the case with another kind of force.
    Jack White and Kanye could've been pretty cool. Whatever, though.
    Too bad they didn't collaborate. Musically Yeezus was a great album, even despite Kanyes lyrics.
    Man, Yeezus sucks. same thing with Kanye, such an overrated "rapper" who believes he makes "art"
    You've obviously never listened to any Kanye beyond what you've heard on the radio.
    Yeah it was surprisingly good. Most reviews were too negative IMO.
    I like Jack White, but he needs to stop wearing fedoras and get a haircut. He needs to realize that it doesn't make him cool or "mysterious".
    Well it's his style and it suits him very well i think. If i was wearing those clothes i would look ridiculous
    I would have been so happy. Now if Dave Grohl would come out as a Kanye fan, most of the rock world would shut up... On a slightly unrelated note, Trent Reznor was also supposedly supposed to be on the album, but his part was removed by Rick Rubin.
    I would kill to hear those tracks he did with Jay Z. Damn shame the collab on Yeezus never materialized too. That would've been interesting to say the least.
    Would've been interesting to hear, but I also haven't been very pleased with Jay-Z's recent work, and his part on Kanye's previous album wasn't too great, so maybe it was for the best.