Jack White Storms Off Stage, Fans Protest

artist: Jack White date: 10/01/2012 category: music news
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Jack White Storms Off Stage, Fans Protest
Jack White angered fans in New York last night when he stormed off the stage after only 45 minutes. Many in the crowd assumed he was taking a break before returning for an encore, but after waiting for 30 minutes a mob of 100 fans took to the street to protest with cries of "F--k Jack White", according to Antiquiet. "It's been 40 minutes. Lights are on. Doors open. Other radio music playing. Security guards on stage. People leaving", described one fan. "If this is a test of who can last the wait he's losing cuz everybody's leaving... I'm staying but a LOT of people are leaving". It's unclear why he ended the set one hour earlier than other dates on the tour. A politics reporter for the New York Observer (via NME) spoke to a security guard who said White "wasn't happy with the sound". In addition, he apparently grew impatient with a shirtless man in the front row, and was heard to say of the crowd "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?". The show was the first of a two night run at at Radio City in New York, with the second show scheduled for tonight. Was Jack right to protest the poor sound quality, or should he at least leave fans with an explanation? Share your view in the comments.
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