Jack White Storms Off Stage, Fans Protest

After only 45 minutes he abandoned his fans with no explanation, prompting a protest on the street with cries of "F--k Jack White." So why did he storm off in the first place?

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Jack White angered fans in New York last night when he stormed off the stage after only 45 minutes.

Many in the crowd assumed he was taking a break before returning for an encore, but after waiting for 30 minutes a mob of 100 fans took to the street to protest with cries of "F--k Jack White", according to Antiquiet.

"It's been 40 minutes. Lights are on. Doors open. Other radio music playing. Security guards on stage. People leaving", described one fan. "If this is a test of who can last the wait he's losing cuz everybody's leaving... I'm staying but a LOT of people are leaving".

It's unclear why he ended the set one hour earlier than other dates on the tour. A politics reporter for the New York Observer (via NME) spoke to a security guard who said White "wasn't happy with the sound".

In addition, he apparently grew impatient with a shirtless man in the front row, and was heard to say of the crowd "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?".

The show was the first of a two night run at at Radio City in New York, with the second show scheduled for tonight.

Was Jack right to protest the poor sound quality, or should he at least leave fans with an explanation? Share your view in the comments.

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    One show he went on stage, played one note, and left. Did you expect a 2 hour set?
    Okay, but he told everyone in advance that he was setting a record that time. That whole thing was possibly much stupider than this is now that I think about it.
    In all honesty, I can't stand Jack White...he seems so whiny and arrogant. Not happy with the sound. Whatever. Just shut up and sing, for God's sake. It's like Rob Zombie once said in an interview, rock stars have the greatest job in the world, why act like this?
    seriously... Radio City Music Hall is one the most iconic venues in the US but apparently its not good enough for Jack White? get over yourself and play your plastic guitar dude
    It's not necessarily that it's not good enough for him. The sound crew (who were probably his employees) clearly had something to do with the problem. I feel he was more frustrated with his crew than the venue. He probably had a meeting with them that night to discuss the issues
    Amen. He always annoyed me too. He thinks his music is a lot deeper than it really is.
    I've been thinkin' about ma doorbell, when ya gonna ring it? When ya gonna ring it?
    You picked the absolute most poppy song The White Stripes ever made and are generalizing it across their entire library like a tool you know.
    agreed...especially if you are getting paid for something that you love to do (or supposedly "loves" to do considering this guys actions)...I dont ever see a reason to just abandon your fans who have paid money to see you perform unless say a multitude of the crowd were throwing hazardous projectiles at you onstage and/or rioting...but to leave because he wasnt happy with the sound or didnt like the guy in the front row, I mean come on really? and though he may have been booed, it would have been more respectful to atleast give your audience an explanation as to why you are done playing and that you aren't coming back out...that's just rude to leave your fans in wonder
    jack doesnt play for just money.. he plays music for himself and himself only and if he's not happy with it, if he's not feeling it, so be it. After all, isn't that what rock'n'roll is all about? Expression?.... u go to ROCK concerts to dance not to stand around and drink. AND I wouldn't be too happy if someone obnoxious is in the front row distracting me when im trying to play a song. Give the guy a break.....we all snap once in awhile. Who Knows? maybe he will apologize ( right now he's over seas) we don't know what this "shirtless man " said but all we know is it pissed Jack off and that was a heavy distraction to his music. I do agree however, that he should of stopped the song made sure this man was ejected and continue on. Thats not fair to everyone else who paid $90+. i'd be a little uneasy too but on the other hand wouldn't care enough to riot out front. I saw Jack White!!! Maybe if it was my first time seeing him i'd be a lot more peeved.
    To be fair, the crowd had every right to be unexcited. His new album is really mediocre, and I say that as someone influenced by Jack White. It's like his inner blues player died, or something.
    They still got 45 minutes, I dont see why theyre so unhappy. Chuck Berry barely stayed on stage for 20 mins in some gigs.
    Huh...doesn't sound like him.
    Well I guess I read it, so it didn't make a sound...
    link no1
    Whiny, arrogant and overrated guitarists screws fans? Seen this story many times before.
    zz top played a 40 minutes setlist a few years ago at a show i went to. nobody asked for more or booed, they were all happy. it should be mentioned somewhere on ther ticket the approximate show lenght.
    Last time I saw ZZ, it was 50 minutes long... then Aerosmith played for about 55 minutes. Glad I got my tickets for free; my friend paid $140 each for his. Would've been OK if both bands were on top of their game, but not so much that night...
    Dr. Knox666
    White "wasn't happy with the sound" Great but why have the fans to pay for it? If he hates the sound he should at least finish the gig and fvck up the sound guy and not his fans.
    Only Robert Plant contradicts as much as Jack White. He talks in interviews about not correcting too much, leaving as it is etc, slams festivals,digital tech and what not but he still plays iTunes fest. And the list goes on. While he still says a lot that I agree with and I respect him,he's big hypocrite.
    He seems to have played a full set last night (Sunday): http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/jack-white...
    Seems like a pretty good set list. Also, I've seen bands play for about 45 minutes and then come out and do a one or two song encore. Encores aren't a requirement, it's supposed to be special. He showed up, he played a show.
    No no, that was last night when he played a full set. The 45 minute one was Saturday night and the setlist was posted by Alexdd below.
    I would have at least done an encore and be apologetic. Whoever went to your concert that night will not come back, and those reading this report will think twice before purchasing tickets. Not classy at all!
    Hey everybody! THE SECURITY GUARD said this! Let's all take it and run with it!
    You don't like the sound? Fine, but stick it out for your fans. If that's the reason behind his behavior...
    I'm sick of seeing articles about Jack White where people pass off the crap he says and does as "cute" and "bold". He is talented but doing stuff like that vinyl promo that you have to manually turn, or the world's shortest concert (1 note long) is just pretentious hipster sh*t.
    karma for trying to break the record for shortest concert back in the old days, so god said "oh! you'd rather play a one second concert than a free full set for the fans? alright I'll give you shitty sounds on that one since you wouldn't seem to care"
    The one second concert was free, and he's done free full sets plenty of times.