Jack White Teams Up With Obscure Scottish Label To Reissue Early Blues Records

Third Man Records and Document Records will release three blues albums at the end of the January.

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Jack White's Third Man Records has teamed up with an obscure Scottish label to reissue early blues records.

White's label has partnered up with Document Records to reissue the complete works of Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and The Mississippi Sheiks on remastered vinyl. A release date has been set for January 29.

"Third Man Records is thrilled to announce the release of the first three records in our highly-anticipated Document Records reissue series," said the label in an online statement.

They continued: "The recordings we'll be presenting in this reissue series are the building blocks and DNA of American culture. Blues, R&B, Elvis, teenagerism, punk rock... it all goes back to these vital, breathtaking recordings. Every record collection should have ample room for these highly important and endlessly listenable albums."

White reportedly chose to work with Document Records as the label, owned by husband-and-wife team Gary and Gillian Atkinson, had released a clutch of blues albums that he bought when he was a kid.

Co-founder Gillian Atkinson hopes that by working together with White on the reissue project, they'll encourage younger music-buyers to take interest in the blues genre. "What this collaboration has done, and Jack in particular, is open up a whole new younger market, and he's reaching it", NME reports.

Pre-orders are available online via the Third Man Records website. The records will be released on January 29. You can watch a trailer for the Document Records reissue series below.

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    What's with everybody hating the on blues? Blues is the farthest thing from "hipster shit" you stupid f*cks. Just because Jack White is leading it doesn't make it "hipster". Your dumb asses wouldn't be playing music without the blues.
    Jack White wouldn't exist without these artists, the White Stripes are basically a punk-blues band, same with dead weather and raconteurs he's just honoring his influences. kind of like Eric Clapton did for Robert Johnson.
    The Dead Weather is brilliant! I hope they make a new record. Now that The Kills tour is over maybe Alison will get together with Jack and make it happen.
    You misspelled "hipster garbage"
    God forbid a band/artist signing to an independent label nowadays without being labeled by the be-all-end-all internet trolls as "hipster garbage". Oh, right. It's because it isn't THE METHULZZZ! Or Rush, or Grohl...
    This is ****ing awesome. Ever since I heard Charley Patton's I Shall Not Be Moved and Prayer Of Death I've been hooked. Incredible stuff.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this just mean they're re-releasing old albums? What does this have to do with Jack White in the slightest? Did he re-master them, or was it just his idea and is using his own popularity with the non-mainstream crowd to bolster the re-release?
    "popularity with the non-mainstream crowd" Isn't he one of the biggest rock acts, worldwide?
    He got all the people together, his label designed the packaging and got it pressed through the firm they typically use for most of their releases, and I'm pretty sure all American orders are being sold through and distributed by his label.
    You know what I meant, mainstream is nicki minaj, Maroon 5, and Lil Wayne. If you go to a random person in the street, jack white's name isnt going to be recognized as much as it should be, at least among today's teenagers which I am forced to classify myself as
    Fuckking Hipsters! They are gonna be all over this.
    If you had any sense, you would be, too. I don't know when classic blues turned into a 'hipster' thing, but if that makes you feel better about yourself...
    Jack White is the man! I really wish UG would start putting The Kills news up. Theres nothing on the site about them.
    Does anybody can give me a list of song that jack make play before he go on the scene ?
    Folks that are into Jack White's music should check out a new band called BP Fallon & The Bandits! They are absolutely amazing. BP Fallon on vocals, Aaron Lee Tasjan on guitar, Nigel Harrison on bass and Clem Burke on drums. Genius! I also highly recomend checking out Aaron Lee Tasjans solo stuff. He is also in the bands Enemies and The Madison Sqare Gardeners. A.L.T. is a brilliant guitarist/songwriter! Enemies album is one of the best rock albums of 2012 in my opinion. Check em out folks! hopefully you'll enjoy!