Jack White Unveils New Song 'Just One Drink'

The track comes from the former White Stripes man's second solo album "Lazaretto."

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Jack White has unveiled a new song, "Just One Drink," NME reports.

Click below to listen to the track (via Rolling Stone). The song comes from the former White Stripes man's new album, "Lazaretto," which comes out on June 9 and also features the previously released "High Ball Stepper" and the album's title track. Scroll down for a full tracklisting.

A special vinyl "Ultra" version of "Lazaretto" will be available. The 180 gram release will feature two vinyl-only hidden tracks, which will be situated under the labels on the record, with one playing at 78 rpm and one at 45 rpm, making the release a three speed album. The mix of the album will also be different from the digital and CD release and have a different running order.

Jack White will play a one-off UK show this summer. He will appear at London's Eventim Apollo on July 5. This is White's second scheduled appearance in the UK this summer and will come after he plays Glastonbury Festival in June.

The "Lazaretto" tracklisting is:

01. Three Women
02. Lazaretto
03. Temporary Ground
04. Would You Fight for My Love?
05. High Ball Stepper
06. Just One Drink
07. Alone in My Home
08. Entitlement
09. That Black Bat Licorice10. I Think I Found the Culprit11. Want and Able

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    Mitch Buchannon
    Love UG news : "Sum 41's Deryck Whibley: 'If I Have One Drink the Docs Say I Will Die'" - "Jack White Unveils New Song 'Just One Drink'"
    Don't wanna sound like a douche, but this song is screaming for a guitar solo.
    I like it. Of course, we all have heard this song being played millions of times, by millions of different bands, but **** it. It still works for me.
    Nothing really comes out of this song. Really needs a guitar solo like Cookie said.
    It's a fun and carefree side of Jack White. I like it, kind of reminds me of some White Stripes stuff.
    Sheesh guys, I thought it was nice to hear just a simple fun rock song again. Is fun not cool anymore?
    They want every song to overtly serious with some deep pseudo-philosophical bullshit, while the music is supposed to be technically proficient and lacking any soul, feeling, or fun. That's what I've noticed about the stuff the users here seem to agree on anyway. As much as they shit on everything that doesn't sound like generic metal, I'm surprised no one has come in here talking about "dad rock" yet.
    this isn't very good. this song has been written a million times before.
    At least it's not way over-produced like virtually every other rock band out there today. But yeah, it's more or less just a throwaway song. Still more listenable than most new stuff I'm hearing today.
    very Rolling Stones, obviously not as good as the other 2 singles so far but the album is gonna be amazing im sure
    wow this is terrible. i Never understood why jack white got such high praise
    I wouldn't say it's terrible, just not my cup of tea. But I also don't understand what the big deal around Jack White is.
    Don't know the point of posting this video on an article about Jack White... But if you're looking for comments, here's mine: The lead singer is constantly falling out of tune. On the chorus he's absolutely horrible. The clean guitar tones are bland at best, the distortion made me cringe -- it's awful. The bass and drums could use a lot more production work. Overall, the song is pretty bad. It doesn't bring anything new or interesting, and it fails to do a good job on already existing genres/formulas. Also, the lead singer should stick to play guitar only (and get better guitar tones for recording). His vocals are excellent for typewriting, though.
    Agree with the other comments, it just sounds like every other 4 piece indie rock band (albeit with 3 members), needs more risks and gimmicks and oomph with better production value and vocals.
    Humm.... Bit disappointed in this one. Still rocking though. But like someone said earlier this song needs a guitar solo. Other than that good job Jack.