Jack White Walks Off Stage Due to Weak Crowd Response, Returns for 22-Song Encore

"This isn't 'Gone With the Wind' in the 1930s, all right?" the musician tells the crowd.

Ultimate Guitar

Returning home for a two-night set of shows in Detroit, Jack White pulled a surprising move on the crowd, abruptly leaving the stage after merely eight songs.

According to Consequence of Sound, Jack wasn't too happy with the response he got from the audience, storming off stage, just to return for an epic 22-song encore.

"I know as Detroiters you can overcome comfortable seating and beautiful lighting to make something as real as possible," he said upon returning. "We're all together now. This isn’t 'Gone With the Wind' in the 1930s, all right?"

Despite rocking out the additional tunes (10 tracks for the first encore and 12 more for the second), White isn't planning a return any time soon.

"I told myself I'd only play here one time. This'll be the last time I play the Fox Theatre. It was a final piece of the puzzle - I saved it for a long time." The second concert of the set will be performed at the Masonic Temple.

According to the same source, certain concert-goers have cited technical difficulties as the real reason behind the whole situation, pointing out that the crowd response wasn't as bad as the media made it seem. In case you were among the lucky 5,000, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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    ... so he played 30 songs? Seems like a longer than usual concert to me.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Nah, most of his songs are only 2 or 3 minutes anyway, so a 30 song set is still only two, maybe slightly more hours. Still, sounds more like a jokey ruse to get the crowd going that the media has misinterpreted than the actual story, the guy's a great performer.
    Blown way out of proportion by the media! Maybe he was having a bad day...or had to take a shit, whatever the reason he still came back out to play 22 more songs. A total of 30, quite a set if you ask me.
    Total non-story. Everyone that was there was saying that he went off briefly as one of his fingers was caught between drumstick and cymbal whilst up at the drums. Seems fair enough to me.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Could UG please only post news when they either had their own journalist there or there are at least two reliable sources? This is waay to wonky for me..