James Hetfield: I'm Too Fragile and Insecure to Read Online Comments

"Someone says something about the lyrics, and it's just, 'Ouch! That went right in my heart, dude!'"

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James Hetfield: I'm Too Fragile and Insecure to Read Online Comments

James Hetfield opened up on his stance about online comments regarding his music, telling Lazer 103.3 (via Blabbermouth):

"I've got tons of friends that are either musicians or artists or someone who are creative and putting stuff out there.

"I just tell 'em, 'Don't read the comments - just don't. Unless you're feeling a little more secure in yourself these days.'

"'Cause most of us artists are pretty fragile, insecure people, and we get up there and the music makes us feel strong and good.

"But other times when people... someone says something about the lyrics, and it's just, 'Ouch! That went right in my heart, dude!'

"So I tell you, when you read that stuff, you can't believe it - you just can't.

"Most people - it's really easy just to hit 'Send' - I know that.

"But we also do get a lot of great comments out there that kind of work themselves out. It's like throwing a couple of pitbulls in a room - they work it out.

"Especially on the Metallica site, they have people... it goes back and forth. And as long as there's passion, that's all that matters, really."

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    generally, the hate comments are directed to 2 other members of Metallica so he really shouldn't be too worried
    At the same time, those "other two" are some of his life long friends, so while the hate might not be directed at him personally it would makes sense if reading shit about your bandmates/friends would still hurt
    Yeah, I've never really heard anyone complain about James. He's certainly far from being the weak link.
    If anything, people just want James to do solo material, or get better bandmates. Imagine: James, Rob, Lombardo, Scholnick...
    I really like it when big icons show that they too are human, and not some omnipotent being who can withstand anything thrown at them. James has always seemed like a really down to earth kind of guy who makes the person talking to him feel comfortable. The fact that he's talking about this kind of stuff publicly is pretty strong in my eyes. Good on you James. Ironically, Mr. Hetfield probably won't be reading this.
    Awww Papa Hetfield is a delicate little flower Seriously dude, you're the most important and irreplaceable member of arguably the biggest metal band of all time. Who gives a shit what people say? If I was him and anyone talked shit to me, id be like fuck you, I'm James Hetfield. Argument over.
    Now that is true - and that would be a pretty solid response - but I'm glad he isn't like that. I imagine Michael Bay being that way.
    James seems like the kind of guy I'd like to kick back and crack open a cold non alcoholic one with.
    I'm a firm believer that the best artists are the ones that do things their own way, with their own style, and own vision and people just happen to like it. When James writes music and lyrics that he likes, he's fortunate that so many people like them with him. ip side to that, critics can hurt because they're going after what's important to him
    James is one of the coolest guys in Rock and Roll, so humble, so respected and respectful. \m/
    No one hates Metallica more than Metallica fans. James should rest assured knowing the people who criticize Metallica's music are keeping them stable financially.
    No matter what you do someone will complain. People hated Star Wars and Clapton. You have to expanded the negativity, the only album I've never seem hated was dark side of the moon but that still probably has it's critics.
    Hetfield is like the antithesis of Gene Simmons for me - The more he says, the more I respect and admire the guy. I remember a bandmate being upset years back over critical online comments about our band. I had to explain that not everyone will like your music. Best to just worry about making it the way you want to, while being grateful for those who like/support it, and being accepting of those who don't.
    Don't read online comments has to be rule 1 for anyone who wants to succeed with an artistic endavour.
    When it comes to creating music, I call it the 80-10-10 rule.  10% of the people will love it...10% of the people will hate it...80% won't even notice.  I think the key is to let the 10% who love it keep the 10% that hate it from getting to you  
    "*sniff*...I'm not a table" HURR HURR lame joke. I can imagine it must be hard being a successful musician trying to please the old fans and doing something new then worrying about the reaction. Proves he still cares if he's worried.
    I liked James a lot more when he was an angry drunk.  Yes, I'm happy he's sober and in a good place mentally, but the lyrics have suffered.  Also, Jason was the heart of the band and they really should have tried to get him to stay.
    There's a side of me that's a bit like that, I used to fight back.  Now I just use my damaged short term memory as a tool to ignore them.
    LALALALA I'M NOT HEARING YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS LALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALA That's probably how they went about writing their last few albums as well.