James Hetfield: 'Lars and I Are Complete Opposites'

Meanwhile, the band teases new music and unveils full 'Master of Puppets' performance off 'Through the Never.'

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After charging through the metal genre for over three decades, founding Metallica members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich developed an intricate relationship. Such a relationship was one of the topics during the band's recent Telegraph interview, with Hetfield clearly not hesitating to admit drastic differences between the two. The frontman blatantly kicked off, saying, "Lars and I are complete opposites. When we got together as a band, we didn't know what we wanted to do in life, we just loved the same music. "We were misfits in life," James further explains, "and some of the fans that joined us were feeling the same way - not that you have to have an identity crisis, or a family that's horrible. But it was about - you're welcome to come into the Metallica family, if you're not feeling a part of the world." Asked about the internal chemistry 10 years after the issues recorded on "Some Kind of Monster," Hetfield commented: "There are struggles here and there. With Lars and I - we talk about a lot of stuff, like being a dad." He continued, "We still push each other’s buttons every once in a while. 'Yep, that one still works - no need to go there again!' But it's good not to be afraid of conflict, too, not to avoid it. I think we can recognize it now - OK, we know how to control this." Back in the music domain, the band seemingly teased new music during one of the latest "Through the Never" 3D film clips. Check out the video below and you'll likely notice the four-piece charging through some fresh riffs, apart from the story of Doris stage statue and its complex construction. And while you're at it, make sure to watch the full "Master of Puppets" performance from the movie for a first major glimpse at the film itself. "So far, everybody's got a different opinion about it, which is great," says Ulrich about the movie, "because if there's anything we love in this band, it's ambiguity. We're not trying to force some next-level message down your throat. Without sounding too artsy, the best art is handed to you to do with what you want."

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    So after 27 years, Master of Puppets has a music video, better late than never
    Completely opposite? True, James is a master at his instrument...
    "Lars, get your shit together. I want double pedals on this one"..... "But James..."..... "OBEY YOUR MASTER! MASTER!"
    michael angelo batio is even more of a master but that doesn't make a good musician, Lars has great taste and vision, and even on drums he might not be the best drummer ever, but which double pedal beat is more iconic than " One"'s
    "We are complete opposites, we love the same music..." lol
    That is all one needs really isn't it. Just look at the Gallagher brothers (though it was bound to crash at some point)
    The Gallagher brothers are not complete opposites. They are completely the same, which is why they clash.
    So in that eight-minute video I only caught four glimpses of Rob Trujillo... A shame they still don't treat him as a full member...
    It's the bass man, its always the bass. That low toned beast has a way of making men disappear... I played bass in a band for a little while, and I lost myself for a time.
    hey atleast he's really prominent in the mix which is cool. Also when he did appear he seemed the most badass and passionate about the music out of all of them.
    Yeah I know. It's a shame that they made him a multimillionaire and totally changed his life. Poor Trujillo.
    I just hope the film doesn't have crappy editing if the performance was filmed over multiple nights, I bought the Quebec Magnetic live DVD and every 3 seconds someone was using a different guitar.
    I felt the need to upvote this, purely because of your avatar. Honestly, I didn't read your comment. And I don't plan to.
    Woah, I better go tell my 12 year old friends I saw an ass on the internet too.
    "The Table of Opposites of Pythagoras is the oldest surviving of many such tables propounded by philosophers." - Wikipedia.
    I love how Rob looks like a monkey the way he crouches and holding the bass... hope it wont screw up his back eventually though
    James is the table, Lars is the stool. Or is it tool?
    You thought you were being clever and you have been shunned by your peers. lol.
    Carl Hungus
    Shunned by his peers? You mean complete anonymous strangers typing on the internet. Yeah he must be feeling the pain of their rejection.
    I like to think Lars is euro and James is murican Lars tells it more like it is and takes no bullshit, while James is more " passionate" and is immersed in his emotions and feel the need to let them out for all to see
    funny how they still only have the songs written in the 80s to promote....lars is a tool
    Death Magnetic.
    2 maybe 3 "good" songs in last 22 years....please they should have changed there name after black album
    Yeah I agree but they were more concerned with $$$ than anything else. I really can't blame them. Besides, how pissed off and hungry can they really be as multimillionaires? Pissed off + Hungry = Inventive. Relaxed + Complacent = Lame. It's so true.
    Haha glad that's sorted out! Jokes aside, I still feel Metallica wouldn't be complete without Lars' drumming, I love '....And Justice For All', even without any discernible bass!
    Every time I look at their bassist I think he looks like one of the Ninja Turtles or the monkeys from The Wizard of Oz, I think it's his strange walk...
    C'mon Saturday. Wont make the Friday night showing due to work, but Saturday it's on.
    In the end lars leaves his drum and you still hear cymbals? Even when they show James you still don't see Lars at his drums.
    I'm pretty anxious to see this movie. I've got work off Friday and everything- a 3D movie might be the closest I come to seeing Metallica live.
    Ummm...your avatar (fap fap fap)
    Seriously? You can't just open a new tab to look at actual porn? You have to make it clear on a guitar website that you like butts, mileyasslicker? We all could've figured that out. Go be creepy somewhere else.
    Relax. He's 12 and got to stay up past his bedtime to watch the VMAs. He's secretly bragging about that.