James Murphy on Working With Arcade Fire: 'Do They Need Another Dude With His Opinions?'

artist: Arcade Fire date: 07/24/2013 category: general music news

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James Murphy on Working With Arcade Fire: 'Do They Need Another Dude With His Opinions?'
James Murphy chatted with Billboard about his work on Arcade Fire's fourth studio album. Former LCD Soundsystem leader revealed he didn't know about band's act of revealing the album's release date via replying the fan's tweet. "I didn't even know that's what they did. When you work on a record you don't know any of the things around it. So when it comes out I'll just be like, 'The Arcade Fire record's out - oh, right!' "It's been the food I eat and the air I breathe for a long time now. That happens with my own records. I am officially done with it, weve just been passing things back and forth making choices on mixes." Murphy also admitted he couldn't imagine what he can do with the band's because of their being "super talented." "Producing is always really hard, and you can never tell who's going to be easy to get along with and who's going to be difficult," he said. "So I wasn't sure what was going to be the case, since there's a lot of them. I figured, they're all super talented, do they need another dude there with his opinions? It turned out it was really nice, and everyone was amazingly respectful of one another..." "I'm not sure if it's a concept record like the last one. I dealt with the holistic record in a non-verbal way. We don't talk about where the songs come from unless somebody says, 'What I'm going for is more this...' That's all I got into. I'm not trying to conduct an opera, or a rock opera - a 'ropera' in this case." The yet-untitled follow-up to 2010's "The Suburbs" is scheduled for release on October 29.
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