Jane's Addiction Are on Hiatus

artist: Jane's Addiction date: 01/17/2014 category: music news
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Jane's Addiction Are on Hiatus
Jane's Addiction will be out of action until at least 2015, according to Classic Rock (via Rolling Stone). Frontman Perry Farrell stated that "Jane's Addiction is going to take a hiatus. It'll be a couple of years before you see Jane's again."

The statement contradicts the singer's remarks from last year that Jane's Addiction were planning to record a follow up to 2011's the Great Escape Artist:

"We have material left that we didn't record. I'm very inspired to keep with the theme. Something's feeling right about it."

Farrell will instead be working on a new project, a musical called Kind Heaven, that is set in war torn Thailand and based on a love story between a soldier and a civilian. Farrell describes the project as "a musical written with a house sensibility," adding: "If Giorgio Moroder had written a musical, it would sound like this."
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