Jane's Addiction: Dave Navarro Takes Animals' Place In Graphic Anti-Cosmetics Testing Campaign

Dave Navarro is putting a face - and a body - to the hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide who are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in tests for the cosmetics industry.

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Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is putting a face - and a body - to the hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide who are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in tests for the cosmetics industry.

In the edgy new PETA campaign, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Joseph Cultice, a nude Navarro appears bleeding from his eyes and from abraded patches of skin on his bare legs and torso next to the words "Animal Testing Kills: Choose Cruelty-Free".

"They're not taking a bunny rabbit and putting mascara on it. They're injecting a chemical directly into its eye to see what kind of adverse reaction happens to it," the 45-year-old Navarro stressed in an on-set PETA interview. "In many cases, parts of their body are ripped open. They're all alive, and they're all aware. It's torture for the animal, it's terrifying and painful and probably one of the cruelest things done in the name of vanity."

A PETA press release states: "To test cosmetics, household cleaners, and other consumer products, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals are force-fed chemicals or have harsh substances dripped into their eyes or rubbed onto their raw, abraded skin - even though the results of animal tests are not applicable to humans. While these tests are required in China and some other countries, they are not required by law in the U.S. and have been banned in the European Union and Israel. Fortunately, many companies have signed PETA's statement of assurance that they use only modern, non-animal methods to test their products and ingredients."

This is Navarro's second ad campaign with PETA. He first posed in PETA's famous "Ink, Not Mink" series, in which he bared all but his tattoos to protest the cruel fur industry.

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    It is good that people like Dave are against cruelty. There are so many alternative ways of producing cosmetics without the use of animals in which they're NOT being killed and maimed. Information about it and a list of companies that produce "humane" cosmetics can be easily found on the Internet. By the way, the list of humane producers is big enough - and it includes many well-known companies. I think if you have the opportunity to choose cruelty-free way, you have to choose it.
    So many people claim to take an interest in helping the environment/saving animals. But, quite often by doing so they are causing more harm than good. I mean, they encourage people to buy fake fur rather than real fur. But, by encouraging people to buy fake fur they are encouraging people to support a product that is made by polluting the environment (and in the process killing animals/plants) instead of using a sustainable environmentally-friendly resource (animal fur). I'm opposed to making animals suffer for something as idiotic as testing make-up, but i'm a supporter of certain environmentally-friendly industries that kill animals for food and clothing.
    Man, it really grates on me that everyone on here is just sprouting sanctimonious nonsense about PETA being evil. THe only evidence I could find for this, was this website: http://www.petakillsanimals.com/. Maybe, as they're a charity, Navarro did this for free. How about some of you guys quit trying to find the worst in everything and actually just respect a good thing happening?
    I love Dave Navarro! Man, seeing JA a couple years ago was one of the best shows i've ever seen! As for this PETA stuff... W/e, good to believe in something i guess. I can get behind no cruelty testing. (not behind PETA, though. Fuck PETA.)
    This is very disappointing not that i have anything against people who are against any form of needless cruelty towards animals but being suckered in by a shallow organisation like peta who do more harm for their so called cause than good. Such a shame.
    Hmm, a lot of people hate PETA, but I don't know why - what's wrong with them? Maybe I didn't known something bad about them...
    They put all the money, time and effort into making controversial ads and getting trendy people that the mid teens to 35 year old demographic idolize to appear in their ads (rock stars, fashion stars etc). they have worked directly with people like the ALF in the past and i wouldnt be surprised if they still do. They also kill a large majority of the animals in their care and by large im talking 90% and higher. there are plenty of real animal welfare organizations out there who seek to help vulnerable and hurt animals but peta is more like a psychotic cult.
    PETA may be a little crazy, but where is the evidence for the claim that they kill animals? Maybe I'm just ignorant (and if I am by all means correct me), but I've never heard that from anyone, including PETA-haters.
    Its fairly well known and has been for some time. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106757/PETA-killed-95-adop table-dogs-cats-care-year.html thats one article about it but you can just google peta kills or peta controversy and you'll find far more
    So I googled 'peta kills' and did some reading. Every animal rescue/shelter has to euthanize pets that they can't place. Why is peta being criticized for this? Also, who cares if they use trendy rock stars/fashion stars/etc to reach their demographic, they're getting the word out to people who probably wouldn't think about it otherwise.
    Yes lots of rescue shelters do have to put animals to sleep but the difference is peta does it at a much greater number than most other places and that is because they arent an animal rescue organization. That isnt part of their agenda. Their agenda is animal liberation propaganda. That means no meat, no medical testing or use of animal products in medicine (despite one of the heads of peta having pig arteries because of damage from being diabetic) no animals in sport, no zoos and what most of petas supporters dont know is it means no pets. The reason they dont think twice about putting down animals in their shelter is because they are cats and dogs and the idea of domesticated pets is something they are against. If you are an organization that truly cares about animal welfare and you had shelters that was putting down 90% of the animals in there year after year(sometimes with in the first 24 hours of being there) then you would shut down the shelter because it is doing far more harm than good.
    There's also the fact with all the money and donations they bring in, they refuse to run no kill shelters and many of their shelters offer no visitation or adoptions, choosing to simply destroy animals often within the first day. Some of their "shelters" have been caught destroying 90% of animals within the first day they arrived.
    So, never heard about it, but now I'll look for information about this. Thank you! By the way, I agree that there are plenty of REAL animal welfare organizations. I believe that PETA's methods are so far from the best, but what is good is that they bring the information to people, which many of them don't even realize.
    "Animals are getting abused and tortured? Why don't I just take my clothes off?" - Dave Navvaro
    I hate this guy. He does anything to seem deep, and it turns him into this stereotypical douche. die dave die
    I didn't realize it was this horrible! I'm glad this is illegal in my country.
    Not a huge JA fan and I find him to be sort of a freak but good for him. Gained a lot of respect in my book. Maybe I'll give JA another shot.