Jane's Addiction Name Duff McKagan's Replacement

artist: Jane's Addiction date: 01/05/2011 category: music news
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Jane's Addiction have chosen TV on the Radio bassist Dave Sitek to replace Duff McKagan in the band. McKagan joined in March after original member Eric Avery departed. The ex-Guns n'Roses bassist said he intended to be a full-time member of the band but months later he left again with the band's thanks for helping write their long-awaited fourth album. Now Sitek, who's also a producer, will take up the role. Frontman Perry Farrell says: We're fully immersed in the process of making modern music. It's been a great experience and the results have so much potential. Guitarist Dave Navarro says: Events over the past year have proven themselves to be a necessary part of the journey. They have led us to our current creative team and direction. The untitled record is due for release this summer. Meanwhile, the makers of an unaired reality TV show starring Navarro have posted the pilot episode on YouTube. It was made five years ago for the MTV series Grounded and shows the guitarist going home to live with his parents.
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