Jason Becker on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 'I Just Can't Thank Everyone Enough for Their Support'

"I hope something great comes out of it for ALS patients," guitar icon adds.

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After taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, legendary Jason Becker shared a few thoughts on the viral trend, expressing much gratitude to everyone involved.

"I love it. It is amazing," ALS-stricken Becker told Billboard via his communication system. "At first I didn't get it, but man, the awareness and money it has raised is incredible. I hope something great comes out of it for ALS patients.

"I just can't thank everyone enough for their support, especially during this ice bucket thing. Man, the love I feel is huge, and John Mayer, I love that guy."

As reported, John Mayer took Jason's challenge with a heartwarming guitar tribute. Becker's remaining two nominees, Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, didn't rise to the challenge, but the axeman is far from offended.

"It doesn't matter. Eddie has done so much for me. It is incredible how much he has helped me and my whole family," Becker said about how Van Halen "saved" him and his family during a major financial crisis, and additionally got Warner Bros. to re-release Jason's 1996 album "Perspective" in 2001. "So, [Eddie] doesn’t have to get wet," he concluded.

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    What a genuinely great guy, not many can be in his position and remain that positive about life. Soldier on, Becker.
    Seems like the most fortunate men out there are the ones who learn how to find a meaning for their lives in a sea of sorrow. Gotta love this guy. And yes, the ice bucket thing is amazing indeed.
    Such an inspirational artist. From what I can tell and after watching the Not Dead Yet documentary he seems a genuine nice guy. Much respect to Eddie Van Halen. I never knew about him helping the Becker family. I'm glad fellow musicians can help each other like that
    Jason Becker never ceases to amaze me. He's stricken with such a horrible disease, yet his attitude remains extremely positive and he's still a very driven musician. I really wish he'd get more exposure because his music definitely deserves more recognition. His guitar playing was nothing short of mind boggling. Who knows how much better he would've become on guitar if he wouldn't have come down with ALS. Then again I don't know if the world would've been ready to handle that!! Hats off to you Mr. Becker! Your inspiration is truly endless!!
    His technical ability far surpassed Yngwie, and he's a genuinely good person with no ego trip, it's a shame that he isn't more known. If more people knew about Jason, douchebag and shredder might not be so synonymous.
    Completely agree. He still maintains his humility and even his sense of humor. It bugs me that Nicki Minaj and other so-called artists are recognized the world over and geniuses like Jason Becker are only known throughout the guitar community. Beyond that, I wish more people would recognize him because of his perseverance.
    David Lee Roth will never do this... his extensions won't allow it.
    The Spoon
    Seems kinda lame to not do the ice-bucket challenge when your actual ALS-affected friend challenges you to do it.
    link no1
    John Mayer doesn't have ALS, so his 'ALS-affected friend' didn't challenge him. Also, if Eddie has helped out John as much as he says, I think that he's already helped more than quite a few of the people who've done the 'challange' (who I guarantee a lot of them haven't actually donated anything and just did it because others have).
    You might want to check again, Jason Becker challenged Eddie Van Halen along with John Mayer and David Lee Roth. His comment has nothing to do with John Mayer.
    The Spoon
    It's great that Eddie has helped him in the past, for sure. I'm just saying that there's no way not to look lame by not doing a simple challenge like this for your friend that is actually afflicted by that horrible disease. Unless Eddie and David donated privately, which is fine.
    Sammy Hagar also challenged Eddie Van Halen to do the ice bucket challenge. Maybe that's why Eddie won't do it?
    You mean something good came out of it? B-But,wasted water...Africa...Attention *****s...
    You know, when somebody throws a bucket of water over his head, it's not like the water disappears forever and teleports to another galaxy or something..
    I was obviously being sarcastic because of all those who said it was pointless.
    I'm sorry bout that.. It's just that I've seen so many people who used that argument.
    It surely isn't pointless, but the problem lies not in wasting water, but in a lot of the people taking the challenge without actually donating any money.
    You realise there's a time lag on the water cycle? It doesn't just go straight back into your taps or whatever. Obviously in most of the western world there's not much of a problem. In California, what with the drought and all, water conservation does actually matter. Nothing against the challenge, mind you, considering the huge amount of money it's raised.
    Don't blame BlackRose, blame all the f*cking idiots who all seem to have unanimously forgotten about the water cycle.