Jason Becker Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Calls Out Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, John Mayer

Quite a few rock stars took the challenge, but this one's clearly different.

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Guitar legend Jason Becker recently took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, thanking everyone for contributing and spreading the word out.

What obviously makes this one different from the other rock stars who did it is the fact that Jason has been battling ALS since the age of 20. At the time when the disease struck, the guitarist had just joined David Lee Roth's band as Steve Vai's replacement.

Throughout the clip, Becker also gives an explanation of the intricate communication system he uses. Made by the guitarist's father, it allowed him not only to communicate, but also write music. Speaking of which, there's a fresh piece sample near the end, make sure to check it out.

Back to the Ice Bucket, Jason performed the challenge in a slightly different manner, calling out Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and John Mayer along the way. Check it all out below.

As reported, Becker recently made an appearance on Marty Friedman's latest album "Inferno," composing a solo for the "Horrors" track. Jason's part was performed by Ewan Dobson and described by Marty as very accurate and authentic to Becker's style.

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    Mr.Becker is nothing short of an incredible human being. He's earned every day alive.
    Completely agree. Amazing human being who's persevered all these years and he will forever be an inspiration to myself and many others!
    This man has to simply be the most optimistic human on freaking earth, being so positive and fun despite despite of his status. I still need to see his documental DVD which im sure I'll end up ****ing crying while watching
    I see constant articles about recent medical breakthroughs, and if they could repair/reverse his condition...I think there'd be no more grateful person on Earth.
    I really hope that there is a breakthrough that could lead to reversing the effects of ALS/MND, I once knew a member at staff who had MND and it was disheartening to hear that he could eventually die because of his condition.
    I saw this earlier in the day, I said this before and I will say it again. Jason Becker is an incredible human being, it's truly amazing and awe inspiring that he's still with us here today and he's still making music, despite not being able to move or speak.
    It just blows my mind how much of an amazing human being this guy is, truly one of the greatest musicians ever and one of the greatest guys to ever live. Thank you for always puting a smile on my head you optimistic bastard!!!!
    An inspiration. I've been listening to his solo albums and his days in Cacophony. Amazing!
    I remember Jason every time I'm struggling to write music or play guitar and it reminds me just how easy we all have it compared to him. But he just keeps going.
    That "Horrors" track is incredible! It brings me to tears sometimes.
    Jason Becker is just an incredible musician and person. To see some of his interviews and of course the documentary, was just a huge testament to his will and mental strength. The music he still creates is still as astounding to me as the first time I heard him on the album Perpetual Burn (a must have for any guitarist). Credit must go to his family and close friends as well for dedicating so much of their time to Jason.
    Not a fan of his music, but if feel sorry for him, and it must be terrible to be so engaged and talented on the guitar and just relatively slowly have your mobility deteriorate to the point where you can barely move at all. I'm just happy he's still able to compose and do what he loves the most.
    I feel guilty for complaining about my difficulties when I see someone like Jason who is so optimistic! What an example for others!
    Is this still a thing?
    No, it's not still a thing. They cured ALS last night thanks to all the money raised and Jason Becker was just putting on an act; he's actually touring with Van Halen right now. Go f*ck yourself...
    I'm sure he meant is the ice bucket challenge still a thing not ALS
    Really? No sh*t. The issue is that I don't understand why someone would be upset about a continuing trend which is raising millions for a charity.
    I hope you are prepared because you are propably going to break the downvoting record now.