Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes Supergroup Releases New Single

Debut California Breed track appears online.

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California Breed, the new supergroup featuring Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham, has released their debut single, Classic Rock is reporting.

The track, titled "Sweet Tea," is the first song from the power trio, which is completed by 23 year old singer/guitarist Andrew Watt.

The band's self-titled debut album is set for release on May 16th. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Way
02. Sweet Tea
03. Chemical Rain
04. Midnight Oil
05. All Falls Down
06. The Grey
07. Days They Come
08. Spit You Out
09. Strong
10. Invisible11. Scars12. Breathe

Glenn Hughes recently told Classic Rock that differences between him and Joe Bonamassa have been settled. The pair reportedly fell out while playing together with Jason Bonham in the now defunct Black Country Communion:

"I should have listened better when he said that he is a solo artist - Black Country were just a project for him.

"I've absolutely no regrets about being in Black Country Communion because it made me a rock artist again, which is something I should have done as long ago as 1983."

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    The guitarist looks like a cross between Jack White and Blake from workaholics... that being said they should have gotten Jack White for this project, I think him and Bonham would be a powerful force
    Pretty cool! Although the young guitarist looks a bit out of place. Only cos of the age thing tho.