Jason Bonham Reflects On His Own Led Zeppelin Experience

artist: Jason Bonham date: 11/29/2010 category: music news
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As his Led Zeppelin Experience tour prepared for a stop in Hollywood this past week, Jason Bonham sat down with LA Weekly to discuss the tour, his father's drumming legacy and his chance to sit in with his father's band at London's O2 Arena three years ago. Regarding the reunion, Bonham said the band themselves weren't quite as dangerous as one might imagine. They are the most normal bunch of guys you could be around, he reflected. At one point we were in rehearsal, and this old lady turned up with sandwiches: Robert, here you are, I put an extra pickle on for you ... Jimmy, yours are here; John, here's your salad.' When we took a break, everyone would take a section of the newspaper and read. And I'm going, Where's the debauchery? Where's the upside down crosses and naked girls and sacrificial tables with virgins on them?' But, boy, when they played ... The key to me pulling off the gig was that all I was only looking for was the reassurance from the three guys on stage. I didn't care that anyone else was in the audience. After the success of the O2 show, there was great anticipation that Led Zeppelin might continue on together. But singer Robert Plant proved unwilling to relaunch the band that broke up in 1980 after John Bonham's death. Robert always expressed to me: Jason, you know I love you, I loved your dad, and I know how great you are as a player. And on the night, you were great. But to me Led Zeppelin's John, not Jason.' Although it would benefit me to go do it, I also agree with what he says. I understand. He continued, I speak to Robert quite a lot. I'm talking to them as an adult now, talking about grown up things and music. As much as I was disappointed that it didn't continue on, I feel blessed that I got to live in that short time and be the most famous drummer on the planet for a few weeks. Thanks for the report to Michael Wright, Gibson.com.
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