Jason Newsted: 'I Support Metallica in Whatever They Do'

Bassist also remembers selfless road crew support during James Hetfield's 1992 Montreal stage fire incident.

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Newsted frontman Jason Newsted recently praised his former band Metallica for continuously taking chances and investing in themselves, calling it a "big f--king deal." While chatting with Noisecreep, the bassist also remembered the selfless road crew support during James Hetfield's 1992 Montreal stage fire incident. "I'm very impressed by that," Jason said when asked to comment on Metallica's latest 3D film "Through the Never." "I'm a big fan of them, they keep taking these chances. They keep investing in themselves and that’s a big f--king deal man. There's no one else you can invest in that will work harder for your own money than yourself." The frontman explained further, "I support Metallica in whatever they do. They've worked so hard and there’s no way that you get to be as big of a band, or the biggest band without working so f--king hard. And don't let anyone ever believe anything other than that. The shiny side is nice but the shiny side takes a lot more gristle side. They work very hard and I'm proud of them for it." Newsted then touched on the matter of road crew, praising the crew guys for going "above and beyond" to protect the band and particularly remembering James Hetfield's 1992 Montreal stage pyrotechnics accident. "They're always a few steps ahead of you and making sure that you can do the best show that you can do," the bassist explained. "Those things are always the ones that are commendable. The other stuff are the things - for example, let's say when James got burned in Montreal. Those guys were so on point about making sure that no one touched him, no one messed with him and he was protected and cared for. "Above and beyond anything a big brother would do in a lot of different ways," he continued. "Not just James but if anyone ever tried to mess with the band, if anyone truly ever tried to harm us or get too close, these guys go above and beyond being able to protect us." Newsted released their debut record "Heavy Metal Music" on August 6 via Chophouse Records. "King of the Underdogs" video saw its premiere later last week, make sure to check it out below.

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    Cliff would have been proud of jason.... Because of the energy he had during live shows of metallica....
    It's amazing that he has so much respect for them after all these years he's been out of the band, and after all those things they've done to him during his days in Metallica.
    besides who is the best bass player in metallica.... you just have to respect jason for such nice words!
    In my opinion, Jason is the best bass player Metallica has ever had... It's a shame they had to part ways...
    Though I love Jayson... gotta strongly disagree... Cliff kills him. Cliff was the best musician by far in the band and would've NEVER let Bob Rock ruin them like he did.
    Cliff was a better writer I think, but not seeing and much live footage with cliff as I have seen with Jason(obviously), I'm not sure who had the better stage presence which is huge in a touring band. Jason fit amazingly well with his high output of energy.
    if you look at any old footage of Metallica, you can see James looking at Cliff, just for the support. and he was killing it
    Even though Jason was in the Band longer in being a bassist, but I like Cliff more. I still like Jason's bass plating, but I like Cliff more.
    I don't know... I mean, I wasn't around to watch Cliff's live show but there's something about Jason that really fits with Metallica in my opinion.
    But IMO Jason just fit the band perfectly. His playing style was Metallica. Cliff may have been more technical/creative but so what? Sometimes you just have the right style that fits the band perfectly.
    Actually before Cliff's death, he had talked a bit about making an album that was less complicated than their other albums and more mainstream. So the black album may have happened with Cliff as well. Btw....I like Jason, but Cliff was far and away the better bassist.
    Jason Newsted is one of the nicest people in rock music. He always seems so humble and respectful towards everyone even though he has plenty of bragging rights. I have never heard a hateful word from him. He deserves so much more respect and praise than he gets.
    I love the fact that he is in good terms with the rest of the guys. Great album by the way
    let's put together a bunch of riffs and then wait to see what comes up... Oh wait!!! A Newsted album... XDDD