Jason Newsted: 'It's Taken Me 12 Years To Get Over Metallica'

artist: Jason Newsted date: 11/21/2012 category: music news
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Jason Newsted: 'It's Taken Me 12 Years To Get Over Metallica'
He was once the bass player for the most high profile heavy metal band in the world. But, after splitting with Metallica back in 2001, it has taken Jason Newsted twelve years to adjust: "In my time with Metallica I went to every singe pre-show and every single after-show. There was eleven hundred people every week that I would look into their eyes, shake their hands and give them one minute. "After I got out of Metallica there was all kinds of crazy, heavy emotions that nobody knows about. I did a very serious, reclusive deal: I built a ranch in Montana in the centre of a million acres of nothing. I just said, 'Screw it, man, I'm outta here.' "It took me 12 years to come back to earth and here I am. My boots are on the ground and I'm ready to go." Newsted has revealed that he is working on a solo project, tentatively titled Newsted Heavy Metal: "I have so much music from over the years. I'm just trying to figure out exactly what I want to unleash on everybody first. "Anybody that cares about what I'm doing, I want to share with them. Everybody else, peace, man! There's room for everybody. But the people that go for it, let's go get it, you know?" The bassist also pointed out that he got the gig in Metallica back in 1986 because he was a diligent tape trader, something that had impressed drummer Lars Ulrich. "I had to put one tape at a time in an envelope, and figure out how much it was to Ireland, Spain or whatever. I did it very diligently. That's why Flotsam got to be where they were - and that's actually the very reason I got the gig with Metallica. "When Lars Ulrich called out to all his contacts my name came out of everyone's mouth: 'This kid is organised.' I got the gig because I tape-traded and I was so committed to sharing the music."
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