Jason Newsted 'Not Sure' About Jamming Metallica Songs With Mustaine

Bassist still very open to playing with Megadeth frotnman.

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As this year's Gigantour concert trek is reaching its final set of live dates, Newsted mainman Jason Newsted expressed uncertainty about ever getting to jam a classic Metallica tune onstage with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine.

The initial rumors began circulating the web back in May, while the latest reports indicated that the pair even narrowed the choice down to "Metal Militia." So during a recent chat with Artisan News, Newsted finally addressed the matter more thoroughly.

"It was mostly created by kind of rumor and agents and managers and things like that early on when we were putting together the structure of this tour, that 'maybe you and Jay can play a song,'" the bassist said. "It was never something that I said or that Dave said, it was [something] that managers said to us, and now Dave and I have spoken of it."

Newsted continued with somewhat of a less enthusiastic tone, "But the way that this tour is going, it's just kind of crazy and we haven't gotten to that point yet. So we've traded lyric sheets, we've traded downtuned versions of 'Phantom Lord' and 'Metal Militia' to try to figure out what song we're gonna play, but it has never come to fruition, and we only have a few shows left. So I'm not sure if it actually ever is [going to happen].

"I'm open to jam with anybody whenever anybody wants to jam," Newsted concluded. "So if the dude calls out 'Phantom Lord,' I'll sing or play bass guitar or whatever he wants; that's all fine. But I'm just not sure it's going to happen. As a fan, jamming with Dave, coming from back here ... 'Cause I was a fan of Dave before we were brothers and peers and stuff like that. So, man, if he wants to jam, I'm open to that, of course."

With over 20 live dates already wrapped up, this year's Gigantour is now down to final three dates. The last show is set to take place this Sunday (August 11) in Toronto, Canada. Apart from Megadeth and Newsted, the tour also features Black Label Society, David Draiman's Device, Hellyeah and Death Division.

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    Jason Newsted is just the coolest guy ever, would love to jam with him sometime!
    Coolest guy dont put a price to his autographs. He is a dick. Why whole group was chating with fans and giving em autographs Jason run away with "No no no" face. He gives it only if u pay him. Open ur eyes guys.
    C-C Beatroot
    "I'm open to jam with anybody whenever anybody wants to jam," Newsted concluded. i'm free on saturday, just come round anytime
    Tomorrows news..... Dave Mustaine 'Not Sure' about jamming Metallica songs with Newsted
    he just doesnt age
    It would be cooler if they played a song like "No class" from Motorhead or something from diamond head.
    Mustaine was long gone before JN was in Metallica. Why would they need to even bother covering any Met. songs? (any moreso than another band like Sabbath)
    Well for Dave, I don't think it's really covering them since he's wanting to play the songs he wrote...
    I was thinking the same thing. Is it really a cover song if you were part of writing it. If not Lars will find a way to sue 'em
    "Bassist still very open to playing with Megadeth frotnman ." Damn UG, that's some quality journalism right there.