Jason Newsted Praises Muse, Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga as 'Great Songwriters'

artist: Jason Newsted date: 12/20/2013 category: music news
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Jason Newsted Praises Muse, Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga as 'Great Songwriters'
Newsted frontman Jason Newsted recently discussed his all-time favorite songwriters, revealing a few less obvious picks. Chatting with Songfacts, the singer/bassist firstly shared his affection of such rock greats as Black Sabbath, Rush, Slayer and Gov't Mule. Switching to more current acts, Jason added: "And as I've gone through time I have a lot of respect for the guys of Muse, who have fantastic songwriting abilities. Kings of Leon, great songwriting abilities. Lady Gaga, great songwriting ability as far as melody and lyric go. I'm not so much about her band's boom-boom computerized stuff, but as far as lyrical melody, fantastic." Jason continued, "There's quite a few. I like Mastodon - I like the honesty of their songwriting, the rawness, the ugliness, but still with a little bit of sense of humor in the vibe within the lyric and within the songwriting. I like that a lot: when they don't take it too serious. That's very important." Asked on whether he'd like to see Metallica re-releasing "...And Justice for All" and turn the bass up in the mix, Newsted didn't seem too excited. "Going back and changing things and doing 'the Sharon Osbourne thing' [replacing previous musicians' recordings with newer ones, as evidenced a few years ago with reissues of Ozzy's "Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman"], going back and re-recording albums that were already classics, I'm just not sure about all that stuff." Newsted have unveiled their debut full-length effort "Heavy Metal Music" on August 6 via Chophouse Records.
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