Jason Newsted: ''St. Anger' Is Not Metallica's Best-Sounding Record'

Bassist talks about former band's 8th record.

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Jason Newsted has been commenting on Metallica's 2003's "St. Anger," Blabbermouth reports. In an interview with Serbian Metal Portal, the one-time Metallica bassist was asked if he had listened to the two albums that the band had recorded after his departure:

"I heard 'St. Anger' one time - really, literally. My wife, who at the time was my girlfriend, got the record, or actually had someone get the record for us when we were on tour with Ozzy [Osbourne]. And she got the record the day it came out. She [played] about seven tracks and took it off, and that's the only time I really ever heard it. I watched the video - the one they did in a prison [for the St. Anger title track] - so I saw that a couple of times and I heard that song a couple of times. But I won't speak anything ill of Metallica, because ... you know what I mean?!"

"Are they the best-sounding records they've ever made? No. But 'Death Magnetic,' I think, has some juice. I think it shows that they've still got it."

While Newsted might be unconvinced by the bands recent output, he is still more than happy to cheer his former colleagues on:

"I did see them play one of their new songs on the TV, on the [BBC television show "Later ... With Jools Holland"] a couple of years ago. And I don't know what the name of the song was. It was, like, a seven-minute song. It was fuckin', 'Whoa!' And I just stood up in my living room when they were done, and I was [cheering them]."

"I'm a fan of Metallica, so that's kind of the way it is. But 'Master of Puppets' is the shit for me."

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    Breaking News! St. Anger wasn't good! This news is amazing to me.
    St. Anger was awesome, it just wasn't the record that people were expecting so it got a lot of hate. Jason's right that it's not their best record, but he didn't say it was a bad album - because it wasn't. It's very underrated.
    What in the **** WERE people expecting from Metallica at that point? They had just sold out twice too mainstream rock on load/reload and surprise, they did it again with nu-/alt rock when it was the thing in 2003, on pattern. Do you mean people we're expecting DM instead of St.Anger? Cos at least people had SOME good things to say about Load, so one would assume that not totally hitting rock bottom only hinted at it coming in the near future, which this record did.
    I'm pretty sure that to sell out you have to do something against your values, they wanted to make load and reload, no one forces them to so sell out isn't the appropriate term, them made the albums they wanted to make, not what the fans wanted to hear.
    St Anger is the worst record any mainstream metal band has ever released.
    "Hey! St Anger's shit! Trololol! Hey! Everyone! Hey!...Hey!!.. Somebody listen to me!...guys?" - miserybusiness
    No, it most definitely is not the worst. It is arguably Metallica's worst album, but that doesn't make it total shit. It has some good riffs, and it exudes pure aggression not for the sake of putting on an act, but for the sake of therapy. Obviously, the sound quality sucks but you know what? It's heavy f*cking metal - you bang your head, you throw your fist in the air, and you don't bitch about poorly recorded songs. You just ride the energy.
    I hate it when people try to tell me what heavy metal is about. It's all subjective; for me, it's about colossal riffs, soaring vocals, stories and sometimes aggression. So - again, my opinion - everything that St Anger is not.
    Says the guy with Paramore nickname.
    Because liking Paramore is obviously a sign that you're ignorant of other music and have no right to be disliking an album acknowledged by Metallica fans as not that great. Great to see Metal elitists are on the down-low, eh?
    He didn't say it was a bad album, he just clearly stated that he only listened to it once and turned it off just over half way through. Didn't say it was bad, though.
    i think that jason was a great bass player for metallica. i don't know i mean robert is a great player and all but jason has a much better stage presence and he sings great
    St. Anger is their weakest album but you have to remember what they were going through as a band at that time. It would have been difficult to write a Justice II at that time.
    "It was ****in', 'Whoa!' And I just stood up in my living room when they were done, and I was [cheering them]." Seriously, Newsted has got to be one of the nicest blokes in rock/metal.
    It would have been news if he said he actually enjoyed it.
    I'm not gonna lie, I bought into the St. Anger hate at first - but upon recent revisits to it I've discovered some decent songs on there. Shoot Me Again is pretty badass song. The album is an oddity for Metallica in sound and songwriting style.
    St. Anger was a good experiment for them, but as I say often, it would have been perfect if they'd have trimmed the fat. Also Newsted has a very healthy view of his former bandmates' music. Good on him.
    I actually like the album. People usually dislike it 'cause they were waiting for thrash stuff, and it came out with a very hardcore-esque feel (mainly on drums).
    I think that Newsteds new EP is pretty weak. I liked St. Anger more..
    so what? Jason has the exact same opinion of every single so-called Metallica fan in existence. next week's news, Jason Newsted slams Lulu
    who cares what newsted thinks? ? ? they're metal's rolling stones. 'nuff said... not hatin' - just sayin.