Jason Newsted: ''St. Anger' Is Not Metallica's Best-Sounding Record'

artist: Jason Newsted date: 06/27/2013 category: music news
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Jason Newsted: ''St. Anger' Is Not Metallica's Best-Sounding Record'
Jason Newsted has been commenting on Metallica's 2003's "St. Anger," Blabbermouth reports. In an interview with Serbian Metal Portal, the one-time Metallica bassist was asked if he had listened to the two albums that the band had recorded after his departure: "I heard 'St. Anger' one time - really, literally. My wife, who at the time was my girlfriend, got the record, or actually had someone get the record for us when we were on tour with Ozzy [Osbourne]. And she got the record the day it came out. She [played] about seven tracks and took it off, and that's the only time I really ever heard it. I watched the video - the one they did in a prison [for the St. Anger title track] - so I saw that a couple of times and I heard that song a couple of times. But I won't speak anything ill of Metallica, because ... you know what I mean?!" "Are they the best-sounding records they've ever made? No. But 'Death Magnetic,' I think, has some juice. I think it shows that they've still got it." While Newsted might be unconvinced by the bands recent output, he is still more than happy to cheer his former colleagues on: "I did see them play one of their new songs on the TV, on the [BBC television show "Later ... With Jools Holland"] a couple of years ago. And I don't know what the name of the song was. It was, like, a seven-minute song. It was fuckin', 'Whoa!' And I just stood up in my living room when they were done, and I was [cheering them]." "I'm a fan of Metallica, so that's kind of the way it is. But 'Master of Puppets' is the shit for me."
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