Jay-Z Calls for 'More Schools, Less Prisons' in California

The rapper told the crowd at Pasadena's Rose Bowl that he supported the Prop 47 ballot.

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Jay-Z has called for "more schools, less prisons" while onstage in California, NME reports.

Speaking at his and wife Beyonce's second On the Run date at Pasadena's Rose Bowl venue, the rapper made it clear that he supports Prop 47, a California ballot which residents will vote on this November, which recommends changing sentencing for low-level nonviolent crimes and putting the money saved back into schools, mental health treatment and victim services.

As Jay-Z's song "Hardknock Life" started, Global Grind reports that the rapper commented: "Prop 47! California! Build more schools, less prisons. More schools, less prisons. They will never be able to stop us."

Meanwhile, at the previous evening's gig (August 2) at the same venue, a man was held on suspicion of biting off the tip of another man's finger. The incident began when 25-year-old Roberto Alcaraz Garnica, of San Diego, allegedly groped a woman at the stadium, reported CBS Local.

When the woman's boyfriend confronted Garnica, there was a physical altercation during which Garnica allegedly bit off the end of the other man's finger, police said. Garnica was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem, which is legally defined as disabling or disfiguring a part of a victim's body. The boyfriend, said to be in his 20s, was taken to hospital.

What's on the matter of prison system in California ... here's the right song.

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    Here`s an idea, legalize weed and use the profits to improve schools. We don't need more schools, we need better schools.
    What Jay-Z needs to do is invest some of his own money into the community in the schools
    Damn I hate Jay-Z. As far as I'm concerned, he tied with Kanye for biggest waste of space. It seriously pisses me off that idiots like this are looked up to in our ****ed up society.
    Lol Natures
    How about less criminals?
    Education and parenting would greatly help with that. Of course more school buildings isn't going to magically change that but the US really doesn't need more prisons either.
    I'm sure he's put that at the top of the list of Illuminati initiatives. World domination coming soon.
    Every time I type ****, ****er, mother****er, anything of the sort, it gets censored. But yeah, it's cool to allow ignorance like this. Go UG.
    I bet yer making yer aunty-mamma proud! Fucking goof troll. Step up UG and get this shit outta here!
    Oh Fuck off you racist. I don't like Jay-Z, but come on! enough with the derogatory terms, this is the 21st century for crying out loud!