Jeff Beck Envies Modern Songwriters

artist: Jeff Beck date: 11/11/2011 category: general music news

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Jeff Beck Envies Modern Songwriters
Jeff Beck is "jealous" of the Arctic Monkeys, Adele and Radiohead's songwriting abilities. The 67-year-old guitarist is envious of many current artists because he claims he doesn't know how to write popular songs in the way they do. Speaking at the Orange Amplification Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2011 at London's The Roundhouse on Wednesday night (09.11.11) - where he picked up the Living Legend Award - he told BANG Showbiz: "I'm jealous of Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Adele because they know how to write songs that people love. But I had no clue. I just got on the guitar." The veteran musician makes sure he is aware of the latest bands around today, but he doesn't want one group or artist to dominate the music industry, just as Jimi Hendrix did as Jeff says he "completely ripped his pants off" when he came on the scene. He added: "I listen to a lot of younger bands. There is some great stuff out there. "Jimi Hendrix came along and completely ripped my pants off, and Eric Clapton too. And we wondered what we were going to do when he appeared on the scene? So we don't want any of that thank you." Thanks for the report to
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