Jeff Loomis Asking For Donations After Getting Robbed on Tour

Ex-Nevermore axeman's band was robbed between St. Louis and Dallass.

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Jeff Loomis asks his fans for donations. His very own the Jeff Loomis Band have lost a bunch of their stuff after an accident happined on the road between St. Louis and Dallass shows. The donation request is posted on his official website.

"Last night after our show in St. Louis, our tour van was broken into as we were grabbing a bite to eat before our drive to Dallas," says the official website.

"We were parked in a well-lit area in front of the restaurant. In the ten to fifteen minutes that it took for us to order our food and eat, all of our personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen. We came outside to find the lock on the driver side door popped out of the van, and promptly called the police. A report has been filed and the van was fingerprinted, but the leads don't seem promising. The police stated that this is apparently a common occurrence in the area. We are all in disbelief, but are very fortunate for everyone to be okay."

"After discussing the situation as a group, we would like to try to continue on with this tour, but to be able to do this, we will need your help. We have all taken a huge hit financially, and we cannot continue on without some sort of support. We have set up a paypal account for any amount of donations to assist us for the duration of the tour."

Here's a PayPal e-mail you may donate to.

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    Worst part of this is that the people who did it will probably not get caught and face no consequences for the crime.
    "Dallass"? Is that some city other than Dallas, Texas, or does UG still need to be more thorough with their spell checking?
    Hey RIAA: *this* is stealing music. I'm donating 50 bucks if you make an notable effort to assist the police in rounding up the perps.
    You mean, rounding up ordinary people and suing them for thousands of dollars ?! thats the best they could do besides not giving a ****.
    Here in Canada our mall parking lots have signs that read DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE. Im sure thats a slogan that has crossed the boarder. Just didn't cross there minds! No sympathy for stupidity. Plus I bet its a scam ( cash grab ).
    Why would you leave such expensive stuff unguarded, that's just.. well.. a bit dumb to be honest. Sure it sucks, but it could have easily been prevented.
    A locked vehicle is unguarded?
    Not just a locked vehicle, but a locked vehicle in a well lit area just outside the restaurant you're in...
    If it's unguarded, yes. Last time I checked, locks could only lock stuff, not guard them.
    Very sad to see this happen, i've heard of other bands this has happened to as well. I hope the band raises the money the need, but also let this serve as a lesson that insuring your gear is never a bad idea if you can afford it. I insured all of my gear when I went to college because I was afraid something would be damaged or stolen
    To who ever wrote this article It's spelled "Dallas" not "Dalass. Learn to spell or use spell check.
    Seriously, why should anybody donate to him just because he is famous.. This could have happened to anyone. There are a lot of people that actually need some money and Jeff is not one of them..
    Because if his fans want him to be able to tour then this is the only way it's going to happen. He's not 'famous.' Yes, he's pretty well known by guitarists and fans of metal but that's still a relatively small following. Making a living as a musician is incredibly tough even with his amount of success and this is a horrible thing to happen.
    Where does it say people should donate to him just because he's famous? I read it twice and still don't see it.
    exactly. It sucks sure but countless people are robbed on a daily basis so what makes him any different? sometimes great things happen from shit like this, take for example in 84' when James Hetfield's amp was stolen which his mother helped pay for. I imagine it had allot of sentimental value to him which probably fired him up with rage and anguish, indirectly helping him create the masterpiece that is Ride The Lightning
    That is horrible considering he lost his mum in his early teens, it probably was emotional for him. Thing is though, that was a single amp & would of had other equipment, this is van full equipment worth thousands.
    sure, I do get that. The thieves are no-doubt worthless scum but that doesn't change the fact that they're abusing their fame(relatively speaking) to get donations because of their own carelessness, think about it, would anyone give a rats ass about some unknown club-touring group that got their stuff stolen? the part about them needing the cash to continue the tour seems like pure bull to me, there's got to be someone be it a bank or a friend that's willing to loan them money/gear.
    Borrowing money/gear for a whole band to go on tour isn't gonna equate to a small sum - anyone who's toured in a band can tell you that. There's nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help financially and the people who donate are doing it of their own accord. Fuck it, I've just convinced myself to contribute now...
    How is asking for donations "abusing their fame"? They're asking for their fans to willingly donate to help them continue on with the tour. Yeah, there's likely insurance covering them and their gear, but that probably won't been seen for months. You do realize that a lot of mid level musicians (aka Loomis) put a fair bit of money into touring and don't exactly have the spare cash on hand to replace a slew of ridiculously priced gear on a whim. Simple fact of the matter, it's up to each person to donate if they wish. No one is being forced to and Loomis isn't putting the responsibility on the fans to finance the tour. He's simply asking for people to chip in to help things continue on.
    A friend of mine puts "Don's Septic Services" on the side of his band van and trailer as a deterrent to thieves. It's done the job for 5 years and multiple tours across Canada.
    Donated 35 which is like $54 or something I think, I hope it helps. This kind of situation absolutely ****ing sucks, I can't believe it's happened to Loomis now. It's getting more and more frequent too, makes me scared to even attempt to tour.