Jeff Loomis Asking For Donations After Getting Robbed on Tour

artist: Jeff Loomis date: 04/18/2013 category: music news
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Jeff Loomis Asking For Donations After Getting Robbed on Tour
Jeff Loomis asks his fans for donations. His very own the Jeff Loomis Band have lost a bunch of their stuff after an accident happined on the road between St. Louis and Dallass shows. The donation request is posted on his official website.

"Last night after our show in St. Louis, our tour van was broken into as we were grabbing a bite to eat before our drive to Dallas," says the official website.

"We were parked in a well-lit area in front of the restaurant. In the ten to fifteen minutes that it took for us to order our food and eat, all of our personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen. We came outside to find the lock on the driver side door popped out of the van, and promptly called the police. A report has been filed and the van was fingerprinted, but the leads don't seem promising. The police stated that this is apparently a common occurrence in the area. We are all in disbelief, but are very fortunate for everyone to be okay."

"After discussing the situation as a group, we would like to try to continue on with this tour, but to be able to do this, we will need your help. We have all taken a huge hit financially, and we cannot continue on without some sort of support. We have set up a paypal account for any amount of donations to assist us for the duration of the tour."

Here's a PayPal e-mail you may donate to.
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