Jerry Cantrell: 'I Was Surprised to See Nirvana Get Into Rock Hall Before Pearl Jam'

"They went in for 'Bleach,' which wasn't a big record," Alice in Chains guitarist adds.

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Alice in Chains mastermind Jerry Cantrell was recently asked to comment on Nirvana's Rock Hall induction, noting how he expected to see Pearl Jam receive the honor first.

"I was surprised to see them go in before Pearl Jam," Jerry told "They went in for 'Bleach,' which wasn't a big record 'till 'Nevermind' became a big record.'"

However, the guitarist added that the band still definitely deserved to be inducted. "It's well-deserved," he noted. "I loved those guys."

Further discussing the matter, Cantrell added, "If even one of our groups was considered and inducted, it says a lot for them and, associatively, about our whole city," noting that "it'd be nice, I guess" to see AiC take residence in the prestigious institution.

Switching the subject to current Alice in Chains affairs and the band's musical approach since the passing of Layne Staley, the guitarist stated, "The way we go about putting any album out hasn't changed. We're not making something tailored to what fans reacted to. That doesn't into being with this band. We're not really interested in repeating ourselves. Each record is different from each other."

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    I think the better question is, why the hell isn't Soundgarden in yet? They were part of the reason the whole scene started to develop until Nirvana blew the floodgates with Nevermind. That said the main four grunge bands are amazing, and should be in the non prestigious RRHOF
    I dont think Rock Hall elgibility is based off of when your first great album comes out/how old it is, but simply just when your debut album is 25 years old. On th other hand, it would be awesome to see Pearl Jam get inducted once they are eligible, as well as AIC.
    Don't forget Soundgarden!
    Soundgarden have been eligible for a bit already. It's when either the band's first album or single came out and their first single came out in I wanna say '87 and Ultramega OK came out in '88. So they were eligible last year. I was kinda thinking they'd wait til them, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and AiC were all eligible and just induct them all at once. Have a ****ing Grunge night with the 4 most well known bands out of the entire genre.
    I wasn't. Ten was a great album, but Nevermind is more like a ****ing sacred stone. Nirvana pretty much skyrocketed the american alternative scene with that album. Now, personally I don't care about the RRHoF too much, but AiC will become eligible next year, so... *wink*
    Even still, it's only been 23 years since "Ten." Bands aren't eligible until 25 years after their first album, so we'll have to wait for the 2016 awards to see if they make it. The next couple years have a decent slate of posible entries: -Green Day -Nine Inch Nails -Smashing Pumpkins -Alice in Chains -Blur -Pearl Jam -Radiohead -Tool -Rage Against the Machine -Beck -Oasis -Weezer -Foo Fighters
    No one would have ever known about Pearl Jam if it wasnt for NIRVANA catapulting the whole scene into the forefront, Eddie Vedder said so himself.
    I think they were elegible for Bleach but iducted for the general band achievements. Hence Dave Grohl being in and Chad Channing out.