Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Announces Third 'Thick as a Brick' Album

artist: Jethro Tull date: 02/03/2014 category: music news
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Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Announces Third 'Thick as a Brick' Album
Jethro Tull mainman Ian Anderson has officially announced the third studio effort telling the story of Gerald Bostock, hero of the band's classic effort "Thick as a Brick."

Titled "Homo Erraticus," the album is scheduled for April 14 release via Calliandra Records and is described as Ian's "next epic voyage into the progressive pock pantheon of strangeness."

"Thick as a Brick 2" was released back in 2012 and described what happened with the child prodigy four decades after the first part. Focusing on the new effort, the official release reads: "Written earlier this year, commencing 09.00 hours on January first, it chronicles the weird imaginings of one Ernest T Parritt, as recaptured by the now middle-aged Gerald Bostock after a trip to Mathew Bunter's Old Library Bookshop in Linwell village."

AsĀ Ultimate Classic Rock reports, Anderson will embark on a UK tour soon after the album's release, performing the record in its entirety, along with a selection of Tull's all-time classics. Full details here.

"Thick as a Brick" saw its release in March 1972 via Chrysalis Records. Despite consisting of a single 44-minute song, the album went straight to No. 1 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart, basically marking an unprecedented event in the history of pop charts.
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