Jim Morrison Alive And Living In The Seychelles?

artist: Jim Morrison date: 07/09/2008 category: music news

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Jim Morrison Alive And Living In The Seychelles?
Rock legend Jim Morrison may be alive and living in the Seychelles, according to his former Doors bandmate Ray Manzarek. The Doors keyboardist admits he became suspicious after Morrison died as the enigmatic singer had discussed the possibility of faking his own death and going into hiding abroad. In 1971, a year after the alleged discussion, Morrison was found dead in his Paris, France apartment after reportedly suffering a heart attack after a drug binge. And the bizarre circumstances of the tragic incident have led to continued speculation about whether the iconic rocker is still alive. Manzarek tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I often wonder if his death has been an elaborate charade. Jim was a restless soul, always looking for something else in his life, and even six years of success - and excess - with The Doors hadn't been enough for him. A year earlier, he had shown me a brochure for the Seychelles and said, 'Wouldn't this be the perfect place to escape to if everyone believed you were dead?'. At the time, I never thought anything of it." Thanks for the report to Starpulse.com.
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