Jim Morrison 'Was Murdered,' Says Marianne Faithfull

She blames dealer boyfriend for death of Doors frontman.

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Marianne Faithfull has reignited the controversy over Doors frontman Jim Morrison's death in 1971 – insisted he was murdered by her drug-dealer boyfriend.

Morrison passed away of a suspected drug overdose in Paris at the age of 27, but French law required no autopsy since foul play wasn't suspected by the authorities. That's led to years of speculation, with accusations falling on his girlfriend Pamela Courson, among others.

But Faithfull, who rose to fame for her relationship with Mick Jagger, blames "heroin dealer to the stars" Jean de Breiteuil. She refused to accompany him to Morrison's flat on the night he died, saying she could "intuitively feel trouble."

Faithfull tells Mojo (via Classic Rock): "I thought, 'I'll take a few Tuinal and I won't be there. Jean went to see Jim – and killed him. I mean, I'm sure it was an accident. The smack was too strong and he died."

She reflects: "Poor bastard. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of the poor guy is dead now, except me."

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    "Jim Morrison 'Was Murdered' Says Marianne Faithfull" Where exactly does she say that, UG? All I got was: "I'm sure it was an accident. The smack was too strong and he died." Tomayto, tomarto I guess.
    Articles like this make me understand why KerryKing01 and the bellend guy ****ed off to Blabbermouth.
    Alain Ronay was one of Morrison's friends in Paris, and has been saying this for a long time. He's still alive.
    UG: this is libel. Change the bloody headline. "Murder" requires malice aforethought, she claims accident.
    First degree murder does. Second degree murder doesn't have to be planned. But yes, she claims an accident, which would be manslaughter.
    Sure, he was murdered by the same dude who killed Kurt Cobain. Let these people rest in peace, for god's sake!
    Uh, OK Marianne. Funny how she's now coming out with this "revelation" in light of, as she puts it "...everybody connected to the death of the poor guy is dead now, except me." Convenient for her as no one can dispute this asinine claim. I see this for what it is: a has-been who is trying to reignite the flame of celebrity that has long burned out.
    no one forced him to put that sh1t in him...he did that all on his own...just too bad it wasn't before that sh1tty fkning music...i swear, i hear 1 more asswhipe suggest to me to play roadhouse blues or riders on the storm and they'll be surgically removing a guitar body out of their ass.
    Play roadhouse blues
    Riders on the storm?
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    you know more manowar than i do...fag. but no, i'm not a fan, just like the name. lol.