Jimi Hendrix' Guitar For Sale

A fascinating and genuine piece of rock 'n' roll history has hit the shelves of eBay.

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A fascinating and genuine piece of rock 'n' roll history has hit the shelves of eBay. Jimi Hendrix handpicked this guitar in 1966 (Fender Serial #L68290) from a New York City music store and began playing it on the some of the most widely recognized songs in history, reports Blabbermouth.net.

The rare guitar is exhaustively documented. Maverick Music has signed and notarized witness statements from individuals within Jimi's management team that this guitar was played extensively on stage in London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Winterland, and Monterey, as well as recording sessions with the BBC. The famed guitar was also used extensively at Olympic Studios in London and at the recording sessions for the "Electric Lady Land" LP. Jimi also used this guitar on "Foxy Lady" and "Hey Joe".

The auction of this guitar on eBay will remain active for a minimum of seven (7) days, unless a buyout offer comes sooner. Jimi's Fender will be on display this weekend at The Philadelphia Great American Guitar Show, located in the Fort Washington Expo center June 25 and June 26. Private viewing is available by request only, and contact details can be found within the eBay auction.

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    This should go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so I have easy access to view it.
    max exner
    cfh third riech Hendrix, dimebag shits on that dirty coon You have no idea what music is. dimebag sucks and im glad i know he wont release anymore bull****. all he plays is 5th chords with one finger and slopply crappy solos. hendrix puts that dirty hick to shame
    i would love to have that guitar!!!! think of the personality that guitar would have! but i also think that a guitar like that should be on display somewhere. but then agian the best thing to do to a guitar is, play it!!
    Anyone who would play this guitar is out of their mind. This is a piece of rock history. If I bought it it would be locked in an air tight clear safe !
    wow, really surprised no bids have been made, would have expected some collector to have bought it already. just out of intrest, how much did clapton's blackie go for?
    dan da man
    As much as ide like to have it, i would rather it went into a mueseum as a reminder of his greatness
    Yea i saw this guitar when it first got out on ebay. Startin bid is 650grand i think ... 600 or 650 thousand. But yea it'd be great to own a piece of histrory ... if you was a millionare..
    I think once someone gets this guitar, they will get about 20 mob hits on them. *Looks up mafia in the phone book*
    100$ Says it gets broken on the way to the guys house in teh back on the UPS truck, cause they dont give a shit whats in the packages, but if they are getting money for it, just like ebay. That guitar should be donated to a museam like certain other *SMART* people have said. A peice of history, that shouldnt be played with and tinkered with, is going to carelessly given away for some paper "valued" as money. That guitar cant be replaced, if it did get broken on the way, id laugh in the guys face, and say : "See what happens when history is ***ed around with."
    It's a national treasure, and there they go auctioning it off to make some quick bucks. Sickening.
    dude i would kill for this guitar i would do nething for it! LETS START A CULT!!!
    All of the links posted here are not working, could anyone post pictures of it somewhere?
    we would love to put it in a museum but no one cares about rock ne more only history and history of the states if i didnt happen to the gov. they dont care. BUt i agree put it in the rock-n-roll hall of fame or something not sell it to some one who will screw it up somehow.
    WWJD : what would jimi do. As for a hard rock cafe, the one in myrtle Beach, South carolina has one of his already.
    How many of you left handed?
    Didn't jimi take right handed guitars and turn em upside down? I have seen vision and god wants me to have that guitar. right. now.
    It's a crappy guitar, but it would be like an artifact man. Hendrix kicks ass, but the fender strats suck.
    Oh really? You want to play it do you? How many of you are left handed? :-p Anyway, I think it should be locked up in a museum. Not to be sold to some dolt.
    vampwizzard...those are 2 diff. guitars. Well color is diff. I mean...anyway, I'd kill for that guitar.
    lmthedarkman: Do you think that if I asked nicely, they would give me it?
    Doubt it. You never know, though...
    I'd kill for this!! I'd have it sealed in an airtight plexiglass cabinet!
    are you serious? Why would you lock up a piece of rock 'n roll history when you could be playing it yourself? Sure, playing it would make it age more quickly or "damage" it, but nothing lasts forever. What would Jimi do?
    Eric Clapton's "Blackie" went for a million dollars, so you can imagine how much Jimi's will go for.
    shit i got a jimi hendrix guitar my uncle got when jimi was a singer and he gave it to me and then i just did a check to see how much its worth cause its the actually he used and he signed it and the thing said its worth at least 1 million but i would never sell it when when i am about old enough to die i will give it to my son and that person said how many left handed people r are in here i am a left handed
    look at the pictures, it is not a left-handed guitar, but as jimi often did he simply inverted the stringing on a right handed guitar and played it upside down. I'm not sure why he did this, but one whould think because it puts the volume, tone, and whammy right next to the players hand.
    I don't see it on ebay. That link that was given doesn't work and all searches are to no avail.
    if you havent noticed i hate fender...they think that cuz theyve been around so long that they can overly overprice there shit...*** them....go to Carvin, there $500 strat soudns better then any fender ive ever played
    knowing fender there gunna come out with a strat for like 3 grand n slap hendrixs name on it when i can go to Carvin with $500 and sound twice as good... wait a second....i forgot i could do that with ANY fender john travolta could buy about a million of those...lucky bastard
    [NIN]_ROCK!: I have to admit that I fu***.. hate Jimmy Hendrix,but I'd luv o own his guitar!lol!
    why in god's name do you hate a musical genius? btw, i want the guitar too guys
    Rock'in-ishu: How many of you left handed? Didn't jimi take right handed guitars and turn em upside down? I have seen vision and god wants me to have that guitar. right. now. yes he did... and that's what it is if y ou look at the picture....
    If I got that guitar, I would put it in the class of things like breathing, eating, etc.
    Rubin Remus
    I would rather have the guitar Johnny Cash used in the "Hurt" video. A custom Martin I believe.
    keitha060: they should put it in the hardrock cafe. where theyde have a church room and his guitar up in a case on the alter