Jimi Hendrix Theme Park Gets Green Light

artist: Jimi Hendrix date: 05/05/2011 category: general music news

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Jimi Hendrix Theme Park Gets Green Light
A park in Seattle is being renovated as the Jimi Hendrix Park, named in honour of the legendary guitarist, according to Central District News. The organisers at the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation aim to make the park a focal point for multi-cultural events for the community, which will be decorated in lyrical stepping stones, rain drums and sculptures. Now the group behind the large-scale memorial have selected a design team to put the dream into action, who will "envision landscape and structural elements that will transform a swath of turf adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum into a living tribute to the musical genius of Seattle native Jimi Hendrix." Janie Hendrix, the guitarist's half-sister who runs his estate, chose the designers because of their passion for the project. She personally donated $20,000 to the foundation, with the over $600,000 in funding and donations coming from local sources. A beautiful outdoor space to remember the man sounds like a great idea, but Hendrix fans haven't always been supportive of the decisions by his estate. In 2009 one fan who thought the Gibson Jimi Hendrix Authorized Guitar said it acted as "evidence that the Hendrix estate, led by half-sister Janie Hendrix, has finally gone 302 certifiably bats--t involuntarily-committed crazy." He continued: "Let's band together to get Janie the psychiatric help she needs and put someone else at the helm of Experience Hendrix."
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