Jimi Hendrix's Final Interview Surfaces: 'I Just Need to Lay Back and Think About It All'

Full 1970 chat with late guitar icon available for streaming.

Ultimate Guitar

The last interview guitar legend Jimi Hendrix ever gave recently appeared online and is available for streaming through Team Rock Radio. During a 30-minute chat, Hendrix discussed future plans and superstardom among other subjects, noting that he couldn't feel anything music-wise at the moment. When asked on whether the music excitement is gone for him, Jimi was quick to reply. "No. I was feeling like that before, because I was thinking too fast," he said. "It's hard to know what people want sometimes – right now I can't feel anything. I just need to lay back and think about it all." The axeman also confessed wanting to perform less because in his mind "it would count for more if we did less." Hendrix also touched on the matter of future plans and the departure of bassist Billy Cox from the band, currently the only surviving member of both Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Band of Gypsys. "I think I'll get a small one together," he said (via Classic Rock Magazine) "It's really hard to decide. I'd like to have both, if I could. I'd get two guitarists – one being myself – an organist, a singer, drums and bass. That would be out of sight." Finally, Jimi stressed he had realized that paying attention to the hype surrounding his career was pointless, also noting he didn't want the crowd to separate his performing from writing. "I’d hate to be in one corner, put only as a guitar player, only as a songwriter, only as a tap-dancer or something like that," he said. "I like to move around." Check out the full chat below.

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    I love how in every interview or piece of media I've seen or heard Hendrix, he's always smiling or laughing. Truly an inspirational icon in the music and lifestyle he was advocating.
    Must be a really slow news day for UG, this interview was uploaded on YouTube two years ago, look it up
    Well i guess it is better than a post by Tom Hess or some tutorial on modes.
    Or RATM not getting together again.
    Or SOAD announcing a new album just for Serj to slam it down.
    That Old Geezer
    This shit's been out for years, I had it a couple years back, I got it off of youtube. Still interesting nonetheless but not new.
    Sometimes I wish it'd be like Tupac and songs would magically surface every now and again.
    $6 or £2/ £3 for concert tickets?! Yes please! I recently paid over £300 for two tickets to see the Stones! Expensive, but, it was the best night of my life and if I had to, I woulda paid more if I knew how good it'd be.
    Wish I had that much money to blow on seeing has-beens like them. Love the Stones, but it's just daylight robbery when there are bands putting on better rock n roll shows in clubs.
    So sad that Jimmi died so young, I'm sure he had plenty more great stuff to give us. That being said, his stock shot up to astronomical levels BECAUSE of his untimely death
    I disagree with that. The fact that he died hurt his stock because he had a very limited amount of music. He was obviously a monster on guitar and I think if he lived to say at least 50 he'd have put out a much bigger collection of music and would be even higher regarded than he already is. He's different than say a Kurt Cobain who's stock rose when he died because Hendrix was so much more groundbreaking musically than Kurt was. Kurt was more of a figurehead for the 90's dropout kids and Hendrix was a revolutionary guitarist and musician.
    This doesn't make me happy, this shows me if he had more years, he would have exploded, soared as a musician overall. And no one gets to hear it.