Jimi Jamison Dies at 63

The Survivor singer passes away of a heart attack.

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Jimi Jamison, the singer for Survivor during their peak mid-'80s run, has died. He was 63 years old. TMZ reports (via Ultimate Classic Rock) that Jamison passed away last night of a heart attack.

While Jamison wasn't the singer of the band's biggest hit, 1982's "Eye of the Tiger," he was around for Survivor's string of hits throughout the '80s, starting with 1985's "High on You," a Top 10 hit that came just a year after he joined.

Over the next couple years, Jamison helped Survivor score three more Top 10 hits: "The Search Is Over," "Burning Heart" and "Is This Love."

Jamison, who was raised in Memphis, got his start performing with the band Cobra in the early '80s. During this time, he also sang background vocals on albums by ZZ Top, Joe Walsh and George Thorogood. After stepping into original singer Dave Bickler's Survivor role in 1984, Jamison was with the group for the rest of the decade.

He was asked to join Deep Purple in the late '80s as a replacement for the departing Ian Gillan, but declined to focus on a solo career. He also co-wrote and sang the theme song to "Baywatch," "I'm Always Here." Over the past decade, in addition to touring with Survivor, he's released solo albums as well as collaborations with Survivor member Jim Peterik and Toto's Bobby Kimball. His most recent record is 2012's "Never Too Late."

There was talk of reuniting Survivor on record recently, too. They last released an album in 2006. "There probably is going to be some new music," Jamison told Popdose in 2012. "We've been talking about it recently and I'm not sure exactly how we're going to handle it yet, but we're definitely talking about it. And I think there probably should be, to be honest with you."

Ultimate-Guitar join those who are stricken by the news and express their support to Jamison's family and friends.

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    I didn't even know these guys had hits other than Eye Of The Tiger. RIP, dude.
    in the darkest night...RISING LIKE A SPIRE. they had some pretty cheesy tunes, but man were they motivational.
    Way Cool JR.
    This sucks! Such a great singer,and I never heard anything bad about the guy. Thank you for all the great music and memories Jimi. R.I.P
    Why are there 18 downvotes for the article? Am I missing something? It's supposed to be rated on the quality of the article, not if you don't like the fact that he died. Just seems kind of messed up, someone dies and everyone downvotes the article. Well I'll be the first upvote to show some positive support. R.I.P.
    Lets be real. If we rated UG articles based on their quality, they would never receive a single upvote. I'm not sure any of their articles are edited before posting.
    Sad but true, haha. The point I was trying to make though was the "I like this" thumbs up button shouldn't be considered a negative thing for an article on someone's death.
    Way Cool JR.
    I think it's more voting on the content of the article and not the quality. The content is based on the death of a great singer/musician. If people are sad that he died then they will naturally down vote showing their disappointment and sadness. If people vote up in one of these articles I take it they are either heartless, a disrespectful ass or the artist is just someone in a band they don't like. I know when I hear news about the death of someone I'm fond of, I'm not going to be giving thumbs up or high fives or anything else related to positive no mater how well someone breaks the news to me. Just my outlook on it.
    So will they try to get their first singer back whom did eye of the tiger?
    Yabba Who
    They already did. For the last year they've had both singers in the band.
    Is this love that I'm feelin' Is this love that's been keepin' me up all night Is this love that I'm feelin' Is this love - Survivor Is this love that I'm feeling, Is this the love, that I've been searching for Is this love or am I dreaming, This must be love, 'Cos it's really got a hold on me, A hold on me... -Whitesnake It seems that a lot people weren't sure what love was back in 1987.
    It's quite a coincidence that me and my band played Eye of the Tiger at the Delta Fair here in Memphis the afternoon right before he died...
    Well, damn. I wouldn't claim to be a "fan" or have a huge knowledge on them or their songs but he did have a killer voice and presence in the band. Always a sad loss, especially at such a young age for a heart attack.