Jimmy Page Awarded Honorary Doctorate From Berklee College of Music

"Music has so much power across so many avenues, to be in a position to do the thing you're best at, which is making music, and bringing joy and pleasure to other people," says guitarist on the honoring.

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has racked up many titles through the years: God of Rock and Roll, Kennedy Center Honoree, Officer of the British Empire and now, Doctor. On May 9, Page was on hand at the Berklee College of Music in Boston to receive an honorary doctorate degree as well as to deliver a few short remarks, Ultimate Classic Rock reports.

Disregarding any notes, Page spoke (see below) briefly about what it means to be a musician. "What a spirit there is here," he noted after receiving the honor. "Music has so much power across so many avenues, to be in a position to do the thing you're best at, which is making music, and bringing joy and pleasure to other people, it can't be much better than that. I wish to pass that on to all of you. Congratulations with your degrees and lots of success in the future."

Page has been in the public eye quite frequently lately drumming up publicity for the forthcoming Led Zeppelin remastered albums series. In addition to that, he also announced plans to re-release his once-pricey, limited-run autobiography to the mass public in October.

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    Sometimes I wonder if any members of Zeppelin even give a shit about this kind of thing anymore.
    I think they might care more about it now than back than. I'd imagine Jimmy rolling the degree up and smoke it back in the 70's or 60's.
    I think as anyone gets older they appreciate a reminder that their life accomplishments have meaning far above and beyond the amount of money it put in their bank accounts. Hurray for Dr Page!
    Waiting for stupid "He's so overrated" comments...
    Well TBH he did steal every song they put on LZ I and II, apart from some two or three tracks.
    They're so different u can hardly call it the same songs, and we all take inspirations from one another when it comes to music, the main difference here was that these guys waiting for Led Zep to be a huge success, and then throw these rumours so much time later on how actually the songs aren't theirs. Grow up from stupid comments. If you couldn't think a bit to yourself about the matter you better off with your mouth closed, or in this case keep your ignorant fingers inside your nose.
    Strong language. Ironic that you kind of discribe your own comment with that pile of angry fanboy boo-hoo. Even if you have idols, you can (and should) still approach them from a critical perspective.
    I think it was 5 original tracks altogether, 2 from LZI and 3 from LZII.
    He didn't "steal" anything. I suggest you listen to whatever songs people claim they "stole" and compare it to the original. Nothing alike.
    Dazed and Confused original. You can find nice little vids on the subject in the suggestions.
    While the verse does sound similar (it is a cover after all), I still stand by my original comment. The songs are so different. Plus Zeppelin dazed and confused has one of the coolest jams ever recorded. There's a gigantic difference between taking inspiration and straight up stealing a song
    And, also- taking inspiration is indeed something we all do in our songwriting. It is inevitable, and it is a good thing. What LZ (and not just them, many others too) did was take a song by someone else, rehearse it to fit into their style and then say they wrote it in the first place. An army of their lawyers kept the original, poor authors silent.
    Unreal T
    I wonder how much they paid him to do all that? They probably jacked up the berklee students tuition 5k a piece to fund it.
    I remember in high school how I really wanted to go to Berklee, then we did this project where we practiced budgeting and stuff for school and I seen the cost of Berklee.
    I met him on the streets of Boston 20 minutes after the end of the ceremony. Such a genuinely nice guy.