Jimmy Page Discusses Future Plans to Tour Led Zeppelin Songs

Guitar icon speaks about live plans.

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Jimmy Page has opened up about his future touring plans, playing tracks by Led Zeppelin with a reunion looking more unlikely. Watch Gigwise video interview with Jimmy Page below.

Last week, Page spoke out about recent comments made by frontman Robert Plant regarding his refusal to reform, claiming that he was tired Plant toying with the emotions of the rest of the band.

"I was told last year that Robert Plant said he is doing nothing in 2014, and what do the other two guys think?" Page told the New York Times. "Well, he knows what the other guys think. Everyone would love to play more concerts for the band. He's just playing games, and I'm fed up with it, to be honest with you. I don't sing, so I can't do much about it."

When asked if he was prepared to be part of another reunion, Page replied: "Absolutely, absolutely. I definitely want to play live. Because, you know, I've still got a twinkle in my eye. I can still play. So, yeah, I'll just get myself into musical shape, just concentrating on the guitar."

Now, speaking to Gigwise at the Ivor Novello Awards in London Page elaborated on his own live plans to take Led Zep music on the road.

"I intend to be playing myself - seen to be playing and out there playing" said Page. "The music that I would do goes before Led Zeppelin, and beyond. So obviously it's a major part of my musical career so I'm going to play their music. Why wouldn't I?"

The legendary rockers are due to drop remastered re-releases of their first three albums - featuring previously unheard material. They look pretty beautiful. The albums will be released across multiple CD, vinyl, and digital formats, including Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxed Set.

The first three Led Zeppelin albums will be re-released across various formats on 2 June, 2014.

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    The Judist
    Can't Jimmy just read up on his Crowley and cast a spell that gets Plant onboard?
    Why don't we just take the damn torch and all start writing great music?!
    Maybe Zeppelin won't play a tour because it'll bring about the apocalypse?
    A reunion tour with Led Zeppelin would give so much joy to so many people, why cant they just get back together and do atleast a tour again?? What is Robert Plant without Led Zep anyway? (Im not a Plant hater, but lets be real)
    They do not owe live performances to anyone and the 2007 concert was a great epitaph for a great band. I seriously do not think they could top that anymore.
    Yes, there's always that "leave the band while its still on top" argument (For example I am really glad The Beatles ended when it did, because they never made it to the time with average records and sinking popularity.) but still... If they cant pull Led Zep off anymore then I agree that they should not go on a reunion-tour, but if they still got Led Zeppelin burning in them I think that it would be a smart move from them to do a tour. To be honest, Celebration Day is the BEST concert I've ever heard from them. To me they're like wine - gets better with age.
    TKjj, celebration day was the best concert you heard from them bc technology is far more advanced in 2007 than 1970. Plant knows he cant hit the notes like he used to so he puts the reunion off. BTW The Song Remains the Same & How the West Was Won are better than Celebration Day and an aging lead singer.
    You clearly haven't heard many concerts from them then, cause their early 70s gigs were insane...and 69? off the charts!
    I think i'd rather see a tour of Jimmy Page with a roster of vocalists (the Myles Kennedy, Chris Cornell type) and play 70% new music, and have some Led Zeppelin and of course Coverdale/Page stuff in there as well. As for the backing band, why not JPJ and Jason Bonham? They're both awesome musicians.
    Jimmy, stop waiting for Plant and just get out there...we are patiently waiting...
    Man I could probably belt out some pretty authentic early days Plant vocals, seeing as it is the only stuff I ever sing (I play guitar) and I would do that shit free of charge if they gave me some t-shirts and paid for all my expenses!
    Exactly jimmy! Just do it yourself you are the only reason I'd go to a zepplin reunion anyways.
    old percy has had a solo career spanning over 30 years ,that's 3 times the career of zeppelin , Bonham is gone, jpj wasn't even invited onto the page and plant tours of the 90's, 'celebration day' was 7 years ago!! I don't think a zep tour would be worthwhile, leave it as it was. I think they missed the boat now, waters is winding up his wall gigs , the stones have pretty much halted and the who has finished touring quad, Clapton has retired , beck and brian Wilson was a joke, even the crue have called it a day. the zep of Madison square gardens 75' have long gone!!!!
    I think its a bit disrespectful for everybody to refer to Led Zeppelin as of course John Bonham was integral and it was his death that led to the break up. since then there have been Page and Plant gigs when the songs were remodelled with an eastern flavour. That was worthwhile as it added a new dimension and it wasnt sold as Zep. The 2007 gig was specifically for charity and quite rightly featured Jason. Talk of Led Zeppelin touring therefore has to be nonsense. You can have the three originals with Jason but why would they do it - there's nothing new to say. I never saw them live but I have albums and DVD's - thats just the way it is. Thats what will preserve the magic and the legacy. When I think about some of the older bands that reunited and I got to see them never thinking I would....only to be basically disappointed and left feeling ripped off. A perfect example of that was "Queen with Paul Rodgers". I hope that Robert Plant sticks to his guns and if Jimmy Page wants to tour old music then let him do it as Jimmy Page and friends. I'll probably still go to see that but if its poor it wont spoil my feelings for Zep.....I had to get that off my chest !!!
    Jimmy Page is not great at Celebration Day (Stairway solo in particular), Plant is good but you can hear the age in him, JPJ is the same as ever and Jason is easily the most disappointing part. I can't believe he played his fathers single pedal parts with a double pedal, I find that unbelievably lazy and disrespectful.
    People forget that, no matter at what level, musicians are just regular people. Some have egos, some are docks. And some don't like looking back and exploring old familiar roads. Buy the CDs, listen to classic rock radio, or go see a cover band. Leave band politics to theband.
    I think he should just start a new band with John and Jason. Get a new singer and play all new original stuff.If plant isn't down then just forget the LZ stuff
    Jimmy, JPJ and Jason should just hit the road with a few different vocalists and a new band name. I would pay big money to see that.
    ace man
    Does anyone think Robert plant ever peruses online forums after googling himself?