Jimmy Page Hoped For Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour

With Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" now out, guitarist Jimmy Page continues to promote the new live package.

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Page shares his thoughts on Zeppelin's status following the band's one-off reunion show at London's 02 Arena in December of 2007.

"Some of us thought we would be continuing, that there were going to be more concerts in the not-too-distant-future," explains Page. "Because there was a lot of work being put into the show."

The Zeppelin reunion Jimmy hoped would continue as shut down because Robert Plant had no interest in moving forward with the project (via HenneMusic).

"He was busy," says Jimmy. "He was doing his Alison Krauss project. I wasn't fully aware it was going to be launched at the same time. So what do you do in a situation like that? I'd been working with the other two guys for the percentage of the rehearsals at the O2. We were connecting well. The weakness was that none of us sang."

With Plant out of the picture, Page, John Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham continued rehearsing together in early 2008. "We didn't do any professional recording," says Page. "We just had a little digital recorder. I thought it was good. I wasn't going to away from it. But the weakness came up again. It was, 'We gotta have a singer.'"

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    I see Plants point. Singers who are used to singing high notes can not really manintain that level throughout a whole tour. Especially when they age. Perfect example is Axl. Musicians can maintain their skill levels but its harder for vocal chords to fight father time.
    Sheep Shagger
    Well, I don't see Plant's point about "being too old" for it. If he can manage to tour with his solo band - why couldn't he do the same with Zeppelin? I'm not saying that Plant owes the fans anything, but his reasons for not wanting to reunite and tour with Zeppelin don't add up.
    I see your point, I think its because his solo stuff doesn't require him to sing like the way he used to. Personally, I think Plant could pull off a tour. Maybe instead of doing a bunch of shows in a small time span, split it up into weeks or something? Either way, a reunion wont happen haha. Still glad we have Celebration Day. I saw it in theaters and it was truly something special.
    there were alot of names put in to the mill to replace plant. i know his niece. she said he would never do it. and thats just a shame. but would demoralize the led if they went on the road with anyone else. just don't do a queen and get some ass hole from some ****kkin karaoke show
    Page toured with the Black Crowes in 1999 and Chris Robinson did a great job. Would love to see that.
    I'm hoping for a full re-union, but if not how about Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge? He's done brilliantly with Slash, and they did ask him to join before.