Jimmy Page: 'I Don't See Another Led Zeppelin Reunion Happening'

Guitarist dismisses the prospect of legendary band playing together again.

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has dashed hopes of a band reformation by revealing that he can't see them playing together again (via NME).

The forthcoming release of the concert movie "Celebration Day" has sparked speculation that the legendary rock band might share a stage with each other again in the future, although the film's director Dick Carruthers seemingly ruled out the possibility of a reunion last month.

Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Page has dampened the prospect of the band reforming for futher shows. When asked about their plans for the future, he replied:"I think if there had been any more concerts to be done, we'd already be talking about them. So I don't see it."

When asked if "Celebration Day" marked a final chapter in Zeppelin's history, bassist John Paul Jones added cryptically: "When I move house, I never look back at the house and go, 'Oh, that's the last moment I'll see there.' I always move forward."

"Celebration Day", which is a concert film of the band's 2007 appearance at London's 02 Arena, will screen in cinemas from October 17. It will then get a general DVD release on November 19. A deluxe edition will also include footage of the Shepperton rehearsals, as well as BBC news footage.

The tracklisting for "Celebration Day" is as follows:

01. Good Times Bad Times 02. Ramble On 03. Black Dog 04. In My Time Of Dying 05. For Your Life 06. Trampled Under Foot 07. Nobody's Fault But Mine 08. No Quarter 09. Since I've Been Loving You 10. Dazed And Confused 11. Stairway To Heaven 12. The Song Remains The Same 13. Misty Mountain Hop 14. Kashmir 15. Whole Lotta Love 16. Rock And Roll

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    TTP Penguin
    I'd much rather they didn't perform again, they clearly don't want too, otherwise they would be. They were excellent, and produced some astounding music, so lets just enjoy the memories they've given us and not hound them for a performance which might leave us with a sour taste.
    well said sir. People would be quick to turn on a dime and say how it didn't live up to their expectations anyway.
    I feel like that's a big part of what makes Zep legendary. They always left us wanting more, just like The Beatles
    It's not needed. Led Zeppelin came, ****ed shit up and left while they still were on top. I don't think they have much more to give us. Their music will live on forever.
    Page,where the **** is that solo album you promised us back in 2010? For last 14 years he's been spinga basically nothing. And as much as I'd like them to play more shows people should get over it - they are in their late 60's.
    Zep will never play again together, let's all face it, but please stop beating what's already dead with this, I would have love to see them play again, but I know it won't happen, so stop telling us it won't happen, we already know it won't happen. Did I say 'it won't happen' too much?
    I once heard, and I think so by myself, that Led Zeppelin are Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. And since "Bonzo" passed away,they aren't the "full" Led Zeppelin anymore. Something is missing and can't be replaced, thats's reason I think, why they don't make a reunion. And I really understand that, some things are gone for all time. But remember Led Zeppelin are always in our minds.
    Amazing bands like them and Pink Floyd deserve a well rested break from touring. Kinda sad that I was too young to see these bands but they leave us with the awesome music they have produced over the years.
    Do ya know what Jimmy, I couldn't give a shit anymore. This has become a severely boring topic, one of the most fantastic bands in history keep letting themselves down by peddling this shite, just let it ****ing go.
    I just wish Page would get on that solo album and solo tour he has been talking about for a number of years now... can't wait to hear his new material!!
    It's sad to hear, but they're older and want to leave the glorious past as it was. The fans may not like it, but it was a solid plan to give a one last hurrah at the 02 to celebrate what Zeppelin was.
    Good enough. Face it, no more Zep, no more GnR... just leave it be, it's great as it is.
    el tigre
    Well, the best rock band ever is going to end without ever going on a true reunion tour. This is extremely disappointing because all of the people in my generation will have absolutely no chance of seeing them live. Even thought the band is 40+ years old, their fan-base is still growing, and I think this says something about how truly great they were. I think it is wrong that they continue to refuse to play their music live when people all over the world dream about seeing them.
    Jimmy page slams led zeppelin reunion!!! Good now we got that out of the way so we don't have to see some retard comment that..