Jimmy Page: 'I Should Tour on My Own and Call It Led Zeppelin'

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 07/07/2014 category: music news
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Jimmy Page: 'I Should Tour on My Own and Call It Led Zeppelin'
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page once again shared a strong desire to get the legendary band back on track, going far enough to consider performing without singer Robert Plant.

Chatting with Bang Showbiz, Jimmy was asked to comment on a fan poll suggesting that Led Zep should headline the next Glastonbury festival.

"I agree with them, it's good music isn't it," he said (via NME), jokingly adding, "Maybe I could just go out on my own then and call myself Led Zeppelin.

"I think the reason people want it is the fact Led Zeppelin's music has touched people all the way through and every year seems to bring new young musicians and a new audience. I've just been out promoting the first three releases of Led Zeppelin's albums and it's young people that are there and young journalists - it's not the old school. So, I know what it means to people and it's a really nice thing," Page further noted.

Back in April, Glasto head honcho Michael Eavis stated that he was "sure" that Led Zeppelin would reunite in the future. However, Plant seems far from keen about the whole idea, stressing on several occasions that it's simply not going to happen.

Further decreasing reunion chances, the vocalist has recently announced his new solo album "Lullaby and ... the Ceaseless Roar," due out on September 9 via Warner Bros. You can check out the record's lead single "Rainbow" below.

But back to the Zeppelin reunion sans Plant - a legitimate endeavor or going too far? You tell us in the comments.
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