Jimmy Page: 'I Should Tour on My Own and Call It Led Zeppelin'

Led Zep should headline Glastonbury, the guitarist agrees.

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page once again shared a strong desire to get the legendary band back on track, going far enough to consider performing without singer Robert Plant.

Chatting with Bang Showbiz, Jimmy was asked to comment on a fan poll suggesting that Led Zep should headline the next Glastonbury festival.

"I agree with them, it's good music isn't it," he said (via NME), jokingly adding, "Maybe I could just go out on my own then and call myself Led Zeppelin.

"I think the reason people want it is the fact Led Zeppelin's music has touched people all the way through and every year seems to bring new young musicians and a new audience. I've just been out promoting the first three releases of Led Zeppelin's albums and it's young people that are there and young journalists - it's not the old school. So, I know what it means to people and it's a really nice thing," Page further noted.

Back in April, Glasto head honcho Michael Eavis stated that he was "sure" that Led Zeppelin would reunite in the future. However, Plant seems far from keen about the whole idea, stressing on several occasions that it's simply not going to happen.

Further decreasing reunion chances, the vocalist has recently announced his new solo album "Lullaby and ... the Ceaseless Roar," due out on September 9 via Warner Bros. You can check out the record's lead single "Rainbow" below.

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But back to the Zeppelin reunion sans Plant - a legitimate endeavor or going too far? You tell us in the comments.

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    Why won't he tour as "Jimmy Page" and just play a lot of Zep songs? And an invitation for JPP would be great.
    Id rather see a solo tour, playing Zeppelin songs, Coverdale/Page songs, and new stuff live, rather then a zep reunion. And of course get JPJ and Jason Bonham on board for the rhythm section. Singer, idk. David Coverdale would work, or Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy. Phuck it, get Jello Biafra LOL
    Agree with everything, except with the Coverdale part. How about Jack White?
    Jack White? Who the **** wants Jack White to front Led Zeppelin?
    He has a similar voice. He wasn't singing too well for his 2012 tour, but his voice is getting pretty powerful and Robert Plant-y again. He covers "The Lemon Song" occasionally on his current tour, and it's pretty darn good.
    Andrew Stockdale would be a pretty good choice in that vein. Similar to Jack White in a way, but he's probably a better singer.
    Jack White singing without a guitar? maybe put him at a piano, he'd look really awkward without an instrument. But i dont know if he could function in a band setting with a setlist that isnt impromptu.
    Just get Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and stick David Coverdale in as the singer for an all new supergroup. That's a band I'd pay good money to see!
    Why downvotes? That sounds extremely great. Even one album could be enough with some gigs, like Them crooked vultures for example.
    Guitarus Rex
    I say, "Let him tour!" And take Jason and Jonesy with you! Find a Plant sound-alike and go rock the world... again! Such a great catalog of music should be shared with the world in a live setting. If Robert wants to sit at home, that's okay. He's earned it. Search Youtube and find yourself a suitable substitute. We are all waiting to buy tickets to the show. And you're not getting any younger while waiting on Robert to change his mind. Leave him an open invite to show up at any show for any song(s). Any fill-in singer worth a damn will understand. Same for the fans... We just want to hear the music. Maybe have some of the old surviving bluesmen as openers. Or invite them to come play with Zep. John Lee Hooker is already gone... give these guys one more glimpse of the big spotlight in a massive arena or outdoor festival! Heck, make your own festival! Take a page from Jack Black and call it the "Zep-a-thon." A one-shot weekend festival with bands that play Zep tunes in addition to their own material. Every rock band in the world plays at least one Zeppelin song... Well, almost. Finish up with the real deal and have singers from all of the different groups come out and fill-in for a song. Maybe Robert will like the concept and come out for a song or two. If not, we'll party without him! Oh, make sure it's on pay-per-view or streamed for free on the Internet. Heck, make a 3D Blu-ray and sell it. Put me down for two.
    I saw Page and Plant in the 90s and probably half of the set was Zep, Still think the name Led Zeppelin should be reserved for the surviving three and Jason.
    Jimmy...You are one of the most well known guitarists in the world...just tour under your name
    He should go out with JPJ and Jason and do some new stuff with a new singer... Kind of Velvet Revolver thing... Put Miles Kennedy in there... or IDK... Corneil!! SOMETHING! New tracks and those old fellows could play Zep tracks as well!!
    I agree this has to happen!!!!! there is no other band like Led Zeppelin.And no other band that can take the place of Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin has to tour!!!!!
    It would be cool, as one of many fans born after Bonzo's death, to see them with Jason, but you can see where Percy's coming from, Jonesy is still one of the best bassists operating today, Page still has it, Jason does a great impression of Dad, but Robert's voice has aged, and as well as he hit notes at the 02, that was over 5 years ago. If he thought he could do it justice I think he would do it. He's still in the top group of singers out there now, but in the day he was a god...
    Well I could tour as Kurt Cobain, but that wouldn't make it true.
    Why couldn't he your under the Zep name? He was in the band. You calling yourself Kurt or Nirvana is just downright plagiarism.
    I think they should tour as "The Page Turners" or something, get Coverdale on board, call the tour "The Songs Remain".
    There is no Zeppelin without Plant. They proved that at the 2007 show, where Page was sloppy as ****.
    While I agree with you somewhat that Zep wouldn't be the same without Plant(not the same without Bonzo either), I think you don't understand Page's style. He has never been particularly technical or exact in his playing, especially compared to the other members, he's more about the feel of being there in the moment and the passion of playing with his band. IMHO he was truly the most 'artistic' of the members and understood expression the most. That being said, what is heard as 'sloppy' playing is more likely just his expression of emotion in that moment. He's even said Zep had horrible shows in the past where they sounded awful, but that's what made their great shows so epic!