Jimmy Page: New Record, New Tour

Led Zep guitarist announces new activity for next year.

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Jimmy Page has perhaps been the least active member of Led Zeppelin since the band's dissolution in 1980. While Robert Plant and John Paul Jones have consistently worked on solo projects since that time, Page's musical endeavours in the past 30 years have been, at best, sporadic. All of that is set to change however, thanks to the renewed vigour felt by the guitarist after the release of Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" movie.

As ClassicRock notes, Zep's head honcho has been energised to get back to work, having told BBC6Music: "I'm starting to work next year, to be seen to be playing live. I'll definitely be doing an album at that point in time.

"I want to be playing - I want to be out there playing. That's what you'll understand from seeing this."

Jimmy Page has only released one solo album proper since Led Zeppelin's dissolution; 1988's Outrider. Apart from that, he has sound tracked two movies, and formed two short lived supergroups The Firm with Free's Paul Rogers, and Coverdale/Page, featuring the aforementioned Whitesnake man. Page also reunited with Led Zep front man Robert Plant for 1995's Unledded project which featured reworked versions of Zeppelin classics. Under the Page/Plant moniker, the band toured until 1998.

Led Zeppelin's latest concert film "Celebration Day" was released in cinemas last night. The movie, directed by Dick Carruthers, was a document of the band's reunion performance at the O2 arena from 2007. The film will be released on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, digital and vinyl formats on November 19th. DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the film will also feature bonus footage from the band's rehearsals at Shepperton studios

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    "Jimmy Page has perhaps been the least active member of Led Zeppelin since the band's dissolution in 1980." - Well, I bet Bonzo was actually less active...
    Too soon bro. Not cool.
    too soon? its been over 30 years! it was in bad taste maybe, but not too soon
    Come on dude, don't ya watch T.V.! That's the joke, everybody says that about anybody that's died.
    Good. I WILL see Jimmy Page play live.
    I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment, as well as the other guy's talking about boobs.
    FINALLY Yet I'm taking this with a grain of salt-he said the same thing 2010. Cant wait to hear proper version of Embryo No.1 and Domino/Embryo No.2
    Why is Walking into Clarksdale from 1998 never mentioned? Page and Plant followed it up with a tour (in the UK at least) which was 90% Led Zeppelin and 10% Page/Plant. The tour is also overlooked when the media reports how long it has been since they've played live together.
    Praise the gods! This is the best news, short of a zeppelin reunion tour. Now if only that project with bonham and Jones can take fruition..
    it'd be pretty cool if he went on tour with dave ghrol and they have more performances like at the end of the Live at Wembly dvd
    Meh, I've lost a lot of respect for Jimmy Page over the years, most of Zeppelin's best riffs were stolen. Jones and Bonham were the true talent in that group.
    soma1692 While I agree that JPJ(my actual hero) might be talented more than Page, you have to look past first 2 albums-Lotta Love etc. Rain Song,Achilles,Kashmir,Ocean,No Quarter, In The Light and handful of other songs are better than most of their popular stuff. But yeah, Page has been sitting on his ass for last 12 years(face it that DVD,O2,It Might... didnt consume most of that time) while Jones and Plant are constantly collaborating and doing something. As said I want this to be true!
    Page has admitted in the past that he's lazy...I guess when you're still raking in the $$$ from your back catalog, it's easy to be
    "Jimmy Page has perhaps been the least active member of Led Zeppelin since the band's dissolution in 1980." That is, apart from John Bonham.
    look in the comments before you make such a stupid joke, you fool.
    Fair enough, my bad. Though, I don't think I deserved to be called a fool by some keyboard warrior.
    Hey! That keyboard warrior has put many hours in the keyboard gym and keyboard dojo to become a keyboard warrior. He has slayed many men who were weak on the keyboard fighting for honor, he has earned the right to call those he doth decree fools, if he so chooses.
    If Page has been the least active, has Bonham being playing a record-breaking rest since 1980?
    Went to see Celebration Day last night, they all looked like they were having fun and enjoying it! Plant's voice is still amazing and No Quarter was amazing!
    This would be better than Rapture for me LOL No offense to any religion now. I would just stating how much I would love to see him tour. He has plenty of magic all by himself