Jimmy Page: 'Note-For-Note Perfect Stuff Isn't Led Zeppelin'

Page talks "Celebration Day" in new interview.

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Jimmy Page has been speaking to Team Rock Radio about his recollections of the Led Zeppelin reunion concert that took place at the O2 Arena in London in 2007. As Page notes, the experience was one that featured the band’s characteristic spontaneity: "The thing about that concert was that we didn't have any warm up gigs for it. We rehearsed it at sound rehearsals ... I mean, over a period of time, we didn't just do it in an afternoon. But that was it, our one chance. And going out there to the O2; it was a big audience, a big cavernous place. So we went in there and kicked it off. We’d played enough between ourselves and with Jason (Bonham), John Paul Jones and myself that we really felt like a unit. We could sort of mutate the numbers and change things on the night. It wasn't all note for note, perfect stuff because that wouldn't have been Led Zeppelin. There was always that area of the unknown, the improvisation of it." The guitarist also noted a particular fondness for the band's rendition of "Kashmir" that night: "How did it go? I knew what the set was and I tried to just do it really well. I think we really did. I mean, there were moments which were quite chilling on the stage ... when we did 'Kashmir,' you could just feel the energy. There had been quite a bit of energy early on, but it just felt like something else."

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    This is why I will forever consider Page my favorite. He is not afraid to play to the very edge of his ability - where mistakes can happen, but so does the magic.
    That's what Zeppelin was always about and that's what I love about them. They make their mistakes sound cool.
    my hero. that performance of kashmir is incredible, one of the best performances of any song ever. his guitar playing is so ****ing heavy in it too
    Agreed. The first time I watched that, I got shivers, it was so good. The definite highlight of the concert for me.
    I always thought that the synths watered down the studio version, but they really worked well with the guitar on the Celebration Day version.
    So right, Zeppelin is about having a great jam and IMPROVISING, that's what makes you a better guitarist
    Kashmir... whoa... Page's monstrous riff, Jason's stampeding drums, Jonesey's soaring keys, Plant's insanely god-like vocals, and so many other highlights as well, Misty Mountain Hop, Four Your Life's awesome debut, Since I've Been Loving You, Plant reached back into the late 60's and pulled out a couple of banshee screams few thought were still achievable... an amazing show, they were better than most bands in there prime could ever hope to be... plus compare Zep now to the Stones now...
    Agreed. Great performance and Plant's vocals which in my opinion get better during the second half of that show really shine on Kashmir. Bought the Blu-ray version the day it came out and only watched it once. Well, I have nothing else to do, might as well go find it and watch it.