Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin Glastonbury Rumours: 'You Never Know What's Going to Happen'

The guitarist responds to comments made by Michael Eavis who said he was "sure" the band would play the festival one day.

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Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin has spoken about the chances of the band headlining Glastonbury Festival in the future.

Talking to host Shaun Keaveny on BBC Radio 6 Music about comments made by Michael Eavis, in which the festival boss said he was "sure" the band would one day headline the festival, he said (via NME): "I haven't heard about anything since the 2007 O2 gig, but you never know do you ... you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, do you?"

Meanwhile, Page recently said that he decided to reissue the band's first three albums to remind people what a "f--king good band" they were. Page tells NME that his reasoning behind reissuing "I," 'II' and "III" is in part a celebration of what the band achieved, and also an opportunity to introduce a new generation of music fans to the songs.

"I hope young musicians find it a source of inspiration," Page says. "That's how I learned, and that's what's so seductive about this nerdish thing. Led Zeppelin have real serious musical mastery and this is passing it on. It's a cool thing to do."

Speaking about what made Led Zeppelin so special, Page has his own theory. "You had superstars in other bands at that time. But you didn't have four who were real masters of their craft, who could play as a band like that," he says. "Not at this time. We were an amazing live band from the start and I don't mean that in an arrogant way. We were on top of the game. Anybody's game."

The reissues will be released on CD and vinyl as well as digitally today (June 2) with all tracks remastered by Page and accompanied by previously unheard tracks. All nine of the band's studio albums are set to be re-released in the same style.

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    In tomorrow's headlines: "Plant tells Page to **** off".
    As soon as page turned old, he looks like a chinese. Sorry, had to say it
    Forget it. We won't ever see them play together again.
    Robert Plant even said as much on a UG article when was it, last week? As much as people would love to see it I really doubt it'll happen again. Much as I hate to admit it Jimmy Page's performance on the O2 Blu Ray was kinda sloppy. I couldn't do better that's for sure don't get me wrong, and I know he's getting older as well. Jason Bonham and JPJ killed tho...
    next week's news jimmy page admits he was on drugs during this interview.
    Is there any reason that jimmy page hasn't started a new band with jon paul jones? Or at least wrote a couple songs with him and a new singer? It seems like he's kind of just waiting for plant to join in because he only wants to play mega arenas as zeppelin and not work on anything new. Not sure if that's the case or not but that's what it seems like.
    They've been broken up 3x as long as they were together. Fücking let it go. Plant could barely cut it 7 years ago at O2.
    This world desperately needs to hear the band's first 3 albums for the young generation of people to know how important musical mastery is...
    I know people who haven't even heard of Led Zeppelin (I'm going into high school). I hate the young generation. They also haven't heard of Metallica, Pink Floyd, or (yes, this will shock you and it's only a couple people, but still...) The Rolling Stones.
    Lol, that is really true. I'm from Rio Grande, in Brazil, almost borders with Uruguay, and i have an 18 year old friend in Manchester/UK who never heard of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd! Lol
    This shouldn't be the reason for releasing it. Only people who will buy those reissues will be hardcore fans from yore. Younger fans just download stuff.
    At $100 per album re-issue (collector's set), not many young generation will be hearing it.
    ..why can't him and JPJ just hire a bunch of singers, sing 3 songs each and go on the road...i am ****ing quite sure many would jump at the chance...maybe not Dave Grohl though...
    Love Led Zeppelin but to say they were the top of their craft above anyone else...? Really?
    Indeed that's delusional. I love them too, but that's simply not true. They were great songwriters, but as far as execution, Jimi Page specially, was really flimsy, specially live.
    Flimsy? No. Just no. If you mean he didn't sound like a robot like most metal guitar players,then sure.
    Next week: Jimmy Page himself doesn't even know what's going to happen, tells Robert to get his act together
    It's funny how much credit a primarily studio band with an often sloppy guitarist gets.
    How are they primarily a studio band? They toured live constantly in the 70s.