Jimmy Page Plans 2013 Solo Tour

Legendary guitarist also shoots down Robert Plant replacement rumour.

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Jimmy Page has revealed that he plans to go out on a solo tour next year.

The legendary guitarist, who is busy promoting the release of Led Zeppelin's live DVD "Celebration Day", said he had planned to tour this year but with the release of the O2 Arena concert film he has had to postpone his solo trek till 2013.

According to NME, Page said: "This time last year I intended to be actually playing by now in a live outfit. So that will have to be postponed now into sort of next year, tail end of next year. But I definitely want to be doing that."

Page also spoke out about rumours that he, bassist John-Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham were looking to replace Robert Plant with another singer and tour as Led Zeppelin.

"[After the 2007 O2 Arena tribute gig] Jason, myself and John Paul Jones felt it was the right thing to do to go in and start playing new material and see how we were getting on," said Page. "There was talk about bringing in some other singers, but that would have changed the character of what we were doing, and done it rather suddenly."

He added: "There was a lot of... I won't say pressure but a lot of hinting about 'this singer and that singer.' And for me, it was more about, 'Let's see what we can really do.' But I don't think we really got a chance to do that."

Last week, Led Zeppelin were honoured at the White House by Barack Obama for their contribution to America culture and the arts. Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page were among a group of artists who received Kennedy Centre Honours.

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    Its not going to be LZ.Its Jimmy Page solo. Look for Domino/Embryo No.2 and No.1 on youtube for whats to come...
    I'm not sure I'd want to see a new Zeppelin album. Obviously, people are going to compare it to everything from Zeppelin I to In Through The Out Door. But if Page, Jones, and Jason found another singer and used a different name, I could accept it.
    I would love for either a reunion of Coverdale/Page or if he plays some stuff off that record when he tours solo, definately one of the most underrated collaborations I've ever heard. Any fan of Zeppelin would like it if they listened to it!
    I agree - and to add, I would love for his show to have material from each of his collaborations. The Firm stuff is great in places, once you get past the crappy 80s production. to hear it live would be amazing.
    "honoured at the White House by Barack Obama for their contribution to American culture and the arts" Umm.. Obama? You do realise that Led Zeppelin are British.. right?
    They were honored for doing what they did. Not because of where they are from.
    I've probably missed some news here but why would they want to replace Plant, has he said he doesn't want to do it?
    About 3 years ago Jimmy wanted to get Led Zeppelin back together on a permanent basis, but Plant wanted to continue solo and wasn't interested. So, Led Zeppelin auditioned for new singers (possibly to coax Plant back in) including Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, which prompted Aerosmith to claim they were auditioning for a new singer to get Tyler back, which worked, but unfortunately it didn't work with Robert Plant. And thus we still have no Led Zeppelin.
    You'd expect Zep songs to feature in the shows, so there'd need to be a singer capable of doing that, plus after working with Plant, Page would surely want a simlilar calibre of frontman... Obvious shouts include Myles Kennedy. Would love to see Eddie Vedder Give it a go. by then PJ's album should be out, sure he could fit it in!