Jimmy Page Releases Rap Mash-up 'Rambalize'

Guitar icon posts Zeppelin's "Ramble On" and Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" mixture.

Ultimate Guitar

Guitar icon Jimmy Page recently unveiled a mash-up of classic Led Zeppelin tune "Ramble On" and late rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" track. Titled "Rambalize," the song mixes Notorious' rapping vocals and Jimmy's acoustic guitar part, as well as a few samples of Robert Plant's vocal lines. Make sure to check out the tune below. Posted last Friday (November 15), the song came along with a note from Page himself saying "On this day Biggie Smalls." Jimmy is already known for rap collaborations, specifically his 1998 work with Puff Daddy on "Come With Me" hit single featuring "Kashmir" guitar parts. As far as the mash-up goes, "Hypnotize" comes from Biggie Smalls' final effort "Life After Death." "Ramble On," on the other hand, is featured on Led Zep's second studio release, 1969's "Led Zeppelin II." You may hear the song here. So far, the song was received with somewhat of a mixed set of reactions. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Just so you guys know, Rolling Stone and UG are morons for posting this in this context. JIMMY PAGE DIDN'T MAKE THIS. It was posted on Youtube TWO YEARS AGO. Page just linked it on his website. Here's the original video:
    Yes, you are absolutely right - I was curious when it appeared on JP's site so googled it. This has been up on youtube since 2011 with no press whatsoever. And whoever did this one has other mashups on his site as well - seems like he was just having fun with the songs as so many do. At this point it appears to be a case of really crappy journalism, and unfortunately it seems others are running with the story also. No wonder many artists have such disdain for the media.
    Shhh, this is Ultimate-Guitar. We don't talk about other genres here. Hush...
    Yea, most guys here think that metal is the only thing you can play on guitar...
    I like that the rap parts seem the most dated considering it's more recent and that genre is more on trend in popular music. Still better than Bryan May and Dappy.
    matteo cubano
    I don't get the problem. It's one thing if he pulled a George Lucas and he re released Led Zeppelin albums and adds instruments or vocals but still calls it Led Zeppelin 2. But this is harmless.
    At times, it sounded alright. Kind of like a 90's alt rock vibe a la Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, Sublime, etc. I just think that it was poorly executed.
    It's called sampling, and this is not new. UG quotes Page as posting, "On this day Biggie Smalls" . OK, was Nov 15 the anniversary of Biggie's death? Or was it the anniversary of this recording/mix/whatever. It's not a complete sentence. Before I am called a "syntax Nazi" I will rephrase myself and say it isn't a complete thought. I don't know WTF to make of this article! The "music" is a typical Rap sampling of a great song. It is no better nor worse than any similar work
    Eh, not a big fan of how it's all mixed together, but it's got a nice groove to it. Like an above poster says, sounds like something from the 90s. Kinda fun.
    Guarantee that the majority of people automatically hit the dislike button without even giving it the time of day. Is it impossible for one to like multiple genres of music? I love metal (hence the PTH fanboy username) but I also love intelligent rap. I know a lot of people will blatantly say "rap and Led Zep don't go together" hell you may be right but like I said I feel like everyone's disliking it the second they get on the page. Just sayin'.
    I don't know - if Metallica had done this kind of thing, the comments would have been "Metallica sucks". But now, it's just "not my type". Talk about double standards.
    Well, I tried it, didn't like it. The mix itself is pretty nice, but I just can't stand rap. Sorry Jimmy, it's nice to see you've kept an open mind though.
    First 14 year old girls and now this. At least he gives credit to the artist this time around.