Jimmy Page: 'Robert Plant Really Wants to Make Music Without Led Zeppelin'

"It seems quite apparent because I've seen him with these projects that come and go," Led Zep axeman explains.

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Led Zeppelin guitar master Jimmy Page took a mild jab at singer Robert Plant, saying how he seems rather adamant about avoiding the Zep fold.

Directly asked by the Associated Press on whether he'll ever make music with Plant again, Jimmy replied:

"Robert seems really keen on just wanting to make music on his own without any of his previous band members. It seems quite apparent because I've seen him with these projects that come and go during the period where I've been dealing with this project, with the exception of the O2 and 'Celebration Day.' That's all right because it is what it is. I certainly have some really good ideas."

Asked about the odds of going back to the studio, Page commented, "I haven't recorded the material I got because I haven't had a unit due to all the comings and goings of these albums. I want to be seen playing this new material, say next year."

The guitarist also touched on the matter of the band's 1980 breakup following the death of drummer John Bonham. "It would be a bit dishonest; it would be totally dishonest," he said. "So it took time, a time to be able to reconsider doing anything like that. But of course, we did do it and we did it well."

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    I think that was pretty obvious when he said he didn't want to play with Led Zeppelin that he didn't want to play with the members of Led Zeppelin
    Jimmy has been saying ''next year'' since It Might Get Loud came with Embryo No.2 and No.1 I`ll believe when I hear the result.
    I doubt we'll hear much about any new material until he's finished compiling everything for each of the Led Zeppelin album reissues.
    I think Jimmy's given the world enough to allow him to take his time with further releases, and we should just celebrate him whenever he does manage to release it.
    Jimmy Page: 'Robert Plant Really Wants to Make Music Without Led Zeppelin' Rest of the world: 'No sh!t". I love Jimmy Page, and I have no doubt he has some great music in him still. Hope takes a cue from John Paul Jones and Plant - find some people who DO want to play and put a new project together, ya know?
    So what is David Coverdale up to these days? Him replacing Plant would drive Robert round the bend.
    I think Page and them should get Myles kennedy to tour with them if Plant is too stuck up to do anything with Zep anymore.
    Myles is god but he's also a machine. He's only had like one month's break in the last four years alone, let him restrict himself to recording and touring with two bands + potential solo record?
    Robert Plant hasn't made anything you could call "music" since the Zep split!! By ignoring Page's willingness to work with him he's looking like a prat and doing their huge fan base a disservice! Plant needs to pull his head out of his backside.