Jimmy Page Says He Has 'Really Good Ideas' for New Material

Guitarist won't give up Led Zep hopes.

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Jimmy Page has not given up on making music with Robert Plant again, saying he has some "really good ideas."

As Classic Rock reports, Plant recently described the idea of Led Zeppelin touring again as "everything that's sh-tty about big-time stadium rock." But Page says he is still open to the idea, although he adds that recording his ideas with another musical project is more likely.

Led Zep last performed together in 2007 as part of the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert at the O2 Arena in London. The show was later released on a DVD called "Celebration Day."

Page tells the Berkshire Eagle: "Robert seems really keen on just wanting to make music on his own without any of his previous band members. It seems quite apparent because I've seen him with these projects that come and go during the period where I've been dealing with this project, with the exception of the O2 and 'Celebration Day.'

"That's all right because it is what it is. I certainly have some really good ideas. I want to be seen playing this new material, say next year."

Page adds that they band opted to disband after the death of John Bonham in 1980 because going on without him would have been "dishonest," but that the 2007 reunion proved they could pull it off.

He says: "It would be totally dishonest. So it took time, a time to be able to reconsider doing anything like that. But of course, we did do it and we did it well."

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    Next week: Plant Slams Page's 'really good ideas'. "Its all because of the Capricorns"
    I have no idea what it's like to be Robert Plant or Jimmy Page, so I can only speculate... but in their position, I'd be really tired of hearing about Led Zeppelin.
    I had a dream last night that I saw Zeppelin in 1977. It is without a doubt the greatest dream I have ever had. The day I see Jimmy Page play guitar in the flesh I will cry.
    Oh hey! No need to be a negative Nancy about this! I am personally all ears and ready to listen to anything by Jimmy
    Last year he said he was going to play this year...certainly a nice way to stay in the spotlight.
    It sounds like Jimmy Page has finally got the message that he needs to move on and show that he has still got it.....like Robert Plant has been doing for decades. I love all that Jimmy Page did with Zep and his legacy stands tall but I saw him on the Plant and Page tour in the 90's and he was nowhere near the guitar player he used to be (maybe down to 'lifestyle') and they even had a second guitarist pulling some of the more complex solos. I cant help but think he just wants a bit more fame and money from the Zep legacy because if it was just about finding an outlet for his creativity then he wont struggle to find other collaborators
    Bob Plant wants to run around with a bunch of little Celtic hotties rather than play an arthritic Zeppelin reprise.
    Plant's not interested. For better or for worse, he's just not interested. If Bonzo was alive, I'm sure it would be a VERY different story. They most certainly wouldn't have brok up in 1980, and even if they slowed down a bit, I'm sure they still be touring to some extent to this day.
    "Page adds that they band opted to disband after the death of John Bonham..." I love ultimate-guitar, a bunch of articles that interest no one (apart from this and few other articles), and they can't seem to write an article without making these phrases that seem to be written by a 5 year old ogre.
    kill it
    i bet this guy would do a good job fronting the band for a tour. closest to plant that i've ever heard.
    I feel bad for Jimmy, he so badly wants to be out there making and playing Led Zeppelin music and it just ain't happening for him...c'mon Plant!
    Just give it up already! Nobody is even interested in a Led Zeppelin reunion anymore!
    I guess I'm nobody then. But then again, so are you. Therefore you should be interested in a Led reunion.
    So they needed 27 years to figure out that they can pull it off? I think it's all about money, not music.
    you think 1 of the greatest bands needs money? hilarious dude.
    I honestly reckon that Jimmy's doing all of this reunion stuff for some sort of money, he might be in some sort of heavy debt.
    Smokey McPot
    exactly man...they don't need money...so just make music and let the people hear some good music on your own. you're THE Jimmy Page man! everybody will listen to you.....
    They did it for Ahmet Ertegun, it was a tribute concert, bro. It is not commonly known but Zep reunited two times before 2007 too, and they were both benefit/tribute concerts.
    ps.....why do people only talk about Plant and Page deciding upon a "zep" reunion. What about Jonesey ? He never gets a mention. Makes me think they never bother to speak to him and just print Jimmy Page's press releases.
    Page has been saying he has material and wants to tour for years now. Just do it already!