Joan Jett to Perform With Nirvana at Rock Hall Induction Ceremony?

Dave Grohl launches major rumours via the Foo Fighters' social media.

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Joan Jett will reportedly front Nirvana at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

On Thursday night, Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock Hall. Surviving members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear will also be performing during the ceremony.

AsĀ Consequence of Sound reports, Paul McCartney and Michael Stipe have been two of the more popular candidates. In the meantime, Foo Fighters' shared the photo via Instagram and Facebook, where Joan's Melody Maker prominently displayed alongside Krist' bass, Pat's guitar and Dave's drums. Jett doesn't have any real connection to Kurt Cobain or Nivana, but she has performed with Grohl in the past.


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    Mr. Baloonhands
    I can dig it, my guess is that they'll either play Breed or Smells Like Teen Spirit or both cause I could easily see Jett killing it in both. Either way this'll be very cool!
    Rather something like Serve the Servants or Territorial Pissings. Much rather hear them play something I haven't heard on the radio 5 times every day of my life
    Seems pretty cool. I guess just an instrumental jam would be lacking I guess. I'm actually curious is there a band out there that is majorly influenced by Nirvana that the singer doesn't try to do a Kurt Cobain impression
    Weezer. Maybe not what you had in mind, but Rivers Cuomo is (was?) really influenced by Nirvana but doesn't try to copy Kurt's singing style. The songwriting on the Blue Album is pretty clearly influenced by Nirvana yet still maintained its integrity (unlike a lot of bands at the time influenced by Nirvana).
    I think it's a great idea! Step out of the box a little. Rather than getting Eddie Vedder or Chris Cornell etc. Look what happened when Nirvana teamed up with McCartney, absolute magic!
    Who are Nivana?
    Why are some people knocking this? This is ****ing cool man holy shit Joan Jett can rock, plus it would be a cool collaboration. God damn it some peoplevdlfkbvwbvqkbfvrqekujcvqkjledvqjecvqljsljsdvcljadscvql erwfieurviurvewriiudfs derp.
    That bass looks amazing, the pickguard makes it phenomenal. Also I'm glad McCartney isn't doing it, I don't know why so many people wanted him for the job. I'm happy with this though, would love to hear Lounge Act although that's having high hopes methinks.
    Day after awards: "Courtney Love condemns award performance, blah blah blah."
    This seems like one of those ideas that so out of left field, that it just might prove to be brilliant. Joan Jett can definitely still bring it!
    just as long as it doesn't become permanent thing post R&RHOF and, perhaps a one-off tour if performance kicks ass.
    Get Phil Anselmo to do it. He was great in that one-off with Alice in Chains and for some reason I feel like he could do a great job with Nirvana as well
    I never consider this band front by a woman. Not that I don't like it, Nor that I'm Racist. But I guess there are many guys out there who can fill out the shoes. There are many Great guys on YouTube who can sing like Kurt. If you ask them to front Nirvana, It's not just a show for them, but also could help them a lot for the their future.
    Seeing as Joan Jett is sort of a feminist icon and Nirvana definitely supported feminism in their songs/interviews, this would be a good fit to pay tribute to the band's legacy.
    This probably won't be met with a lot of enthusiasm, but imagine if Courtney Love WASN'T crazy and they had her front Nirvana. That would actually be awesome (assuming she can still sing like she did in the 90s) and in this alternate universe I am imagining where Love isn't a complete psycho, it would be a very touching moment.
    Saw Joan Jett in concert a few weeks ago. She kicked so much ass. This lineup does not disappoint me at all.
    what they should do is move dave to vocals/guitar and put the existing foo fighters drummer on drums. I think that would be pretty neat
    If Joan and Dave ever have a baby, I hope it's the reincarnation of Kurt, think of the 1st Silent Hill game, the good ending
    Well uh, Dave's married with 2 kids and I think Joan is rooting for the same team (if you catch my drift). So it probably won't happen