Joe Perry Doesn't Know if Aerosmith Will Record Another Full-Length Album

"There's so many songs to choose from that we get requests for that we're over-songed at this point," says Joe.

Ultimate Guitar

It looks like we can add Aerosmith to the list of veteran acts who wonder whether it's worth it to keep releasing new albums.

As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, guitarist Joe Perry admitted as much during a recent interview with Billboard, saying the group already has enough of a hard time figuring out how to make everyone happy with its current set list. "When people go to see us live, they want to hear some of the old songs and some of the medium-old songs from the '80s and '90s," he explained. "There's so many songs to choose from that we get requests for that we're over-songed at this point."

That "over-songed" feeling blunts whatever urgency the band members might have with regards to new material. "I know we're going to want to go in and make new music at some point, but I don't know if that means waiting until you have 12 songs you think are good enough," Perry added. "Maybe it should be two or three songs and then you release it, and awhile later you put out a couple more songs."

Of course, Perry hasn't been shy about saying he feels like the group's last LP, 2012's "Music from Another Dimension!" didn't receive its fair due - either from the label or the band. Pointing out that Aerosmith still considers itself to be on tour behind that record, he added, "My feeling is we didn't really get a chance to tour much behind it. I still think it's got some life to it, so we'll probably play a few songs from it this summer and remind people it's out there."

In the meantime, Perry's got a new solo album to finish, and he claims the sessions have found him "inspired in a way that I haven't been inspired for other records." He's also prepping the October release of his memoir, "Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith," which he promises won't be your average rock star autobiography.

"It's not the kind of book where I'm out to blame anybody for anything; I certainly take my part of the responsibility for the ups and downs, but I'm sure there are going to be people who look at it and go, 'No, I don't remember it that way,'" he predicted. "Overall, I think people are going to be surprised by the book. It's definitely not your VH1 'Behind the Music' kind of a book."

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    Honestly, I'm ok with this. Some bands should just tour and keep their memory alive without risking it by making a new album.
    Didn't get a chance to tour much behind it? They played two huge LA shows within six months of each other, the second of which had a fire sale of half priced (yet still expensive) tickets to get rid of. They were still selling shirts from two years earlier at half price too.
    And if you look in recent Aerosmith news, Joe said this 2 times prior. Way to go UG, repeating stories.