Joe Perry Reportedly Had a Recording Session With Paul McCartney

Aerosmith axeman join forces with ex-Beatles bassist?

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Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has revealed to the Chicago Sun-Times (via Blabbermouth) that he "did a [recording] session with Paul McCartney a month and a half ago for a private thing."

Perry added: "I met him once or twice [over the years] to say hello. To spend 6 or 8 hours in studio with him recording! He makes you feel like [you're recording with just another guy]. He just happens to be a motherfucking huge talent! Everyone's in the room at once; you play until you get a good take."

Asked what it was like jamming with McCartney, Perry said: "It's the great ego leveler. I was in the studio with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, playing guitar, and the three of us are looking at each other like, hey, we're sitting here with Paul McCartney! And we're all looking at each other like open-mouthed kids. Paul was really nice. He's all about business [when he's recording]. At 72 he can still hit all those notes."

Perry declined to offer any more information about the session, explaining that "it's a project that were keeping under wraps for now. There will be [an announcement when the time is right]."

In a 2009 interview with Music Radar, Perry said about the Beatles: "Probably around the late '60s, when they were getting ready to break up, that's when I started to appreciate what geniuses the Beatles were, how they set trends and broke every rule in the book. How they went from being this live group to mastering the recording studio and showing everybody that nothing was impossible, as long as you had the imagination and the guts to go for it. Plus, they had gone from singing these simple love tunes to writing songs about any topic you could think of. I think that's what really impressed me the most - they taught me that music could liberate you, teach you, take you somewhere else, expand your consciousness, all of that."

He added: "The Beatles taught us all so much. They taught us to be brave, to follow our dreams and aim high. That's a wonderful legacy to leave."

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    Isn't is wonderful that even Joe Perry who has probably seen it all & done it all had that jaw dropping moment being in the studio with Paul McCartney! Priceless
    Joe Perry and Aerosmith… one of the original… rip-off artists. Thank you Zeppelin and Stones. I know, the Stones and LZ ripped people off too blah blah blah. Good for you.
    Wtf. Are you drunk?
    Nah, Aerosmith always have been just a campy, corny version of better bands. A few good riffs here and there early on, but for most of their career they've been famous for being famous. Their late 80's early 90's output was particularly god awful.